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DeJa Vu Blogfest

           DeJaVu- December 16th
         The Day of The Do Over.
If you have not already heard about this awesome blogfest then I will tell you a little bit about it, but you really must pop over to D.L. Hammond's blog to get the full details and to sign up.

D.L was talking about how if you have to miss a week of blogging you can really miss some important post from your fellow bloggers. I agree. Another interesting point that he made was about one of his favorite blog post on his blog. It just so happens that he only had about a dozen or so followers when he posted it.

I have a post or two that I wrote when I had only a handful of followers so I am certain that not many people read my entry. D.L came up with this brilliant idea for us to gather our favorite post and join this blogfest.

On December 16, we will all post (re-post) our favorite blog post or one that we believe did not receive the recognition it should have. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to read " The best of the best."

D.L has actually been promoting this idea for a while. You can read an earlier post of his about re-posting some of our better blog post. You can read his post blog recycle station to get an idea of just how great of an idea this is.

This blogfest is also being hosted by Katie Mills, The Creepy Query Girl, Lydia Kang, over at The World is My Oyster and Nicole Ducleroir, at One Significant Moment at a Time.

So here is what you need to do and it couldn't be easier- No Writing Involved

     1. Go to any of the above four sites and sign up with Mr. Linky

     2. Shout out to all your friends

     3. Grab a DeJa Vu Badge and post it anywhere and everywhere-think blogging
        graffiti gone wild

     4. Dig through your archives and find one of your post that deserves a
        second chance or a do-over

     5. On December 16th hop from blog to blog and read the "best of the best"

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Happy Blogging

My NaNoRoomo. I Live in the Bathroom

I have officially kicked my husband out of the bathroom.

We have six kids and four bedrooms. The Only place I get any privacy is the master bathroom. For some reason, my kids, husband and even our two dogs leave me alone when I am in the bathroom. Imagine that.

My  entire family is wondering why mom has so many stomach aches lately. You should hear the hushed comments at dinner  "pss. man, mom sure does go to the bathroom a lot now, what's she been eating?" "I don't know dude, but did you see her carrying those books in there? Gross, she is turning in to dad. She must be reading on the toilet like dad does with the sport's section." Ha Ha tee hee. and they laugh.

But, I have the last laugh. They don't have a clue.
               I suppose I feel sorry for my husband, he has to use one of the kid's bathrooms, but I am getting pretty cozy in mine.        I cannot believe that this was the answer all a long.
                         Who knew? I can actually get work done? I can write. I can chart. I can make really big  plotlines and plot charts & character boards and nobody bothers them or tells me to move them.
and I can read! Undisturbed. I know what you are thinking, "I sound disturbed." I have moved into the bathroom for the month of November.

Don't worry, there is a bathtub & a shower (so the tub is a little hard to use at the moment) & I won't show you the toilet or my husband really would kill me.

I have everything I need. I even took all of the towels out of the armoire and I am using it for , you guessed it, books.

and... just tonight, I moved another table and my desktop in to my bathroom.

Now if I could get a bed in to my bathroom, I would not have to leave until December 1st. I may play this mommy has a tummy ache game even after NaNo ends.

So how about you? Do you have a special place to write? Have any of you had to create  make-shift writing spaces? I would love to hear your creative ideas? A closet? A bathroom?

NaNo-Napped & Big News. Big Prizes

I have Been NaNo Napped

My fingers and hands ache and I am eating far too much processed food, but I am on a roll.

I feel terrible that I have not posted or visited any blogs in over a week. I decided at the very last minute to participate this year and without any prep work I have needed every free minute to write.

I know that I missed out on some cool contest & blogfest that I was intending to join, but I plan to make it up to everyone.

My writing is progressing better than expected. I am using Scrivener and it so rocks. I cannot believe I waited this long to try this awesome software/word processor for writers. It has an easy learning curve and offers more than enough features.  Take a look at these screenshots.

 I have really missed everyone that I have met through blogging. I feel disconnected. I didn't expect this.

I am taking a much needed break from writing tomorrow because I have a scheduled plot consultation with Martha Alderson  and I am so psyched.
Martha is the author of several books, her most recent, THE PLOT WHISPERER is amazing. After reading it twice I decided that the fee for her consultation is more like an investment in my writing career.

And now for my big news....

I was planning to host some sort of contest or blogfest when I reached 100 followers. I have now reached 150 and I want to celebrate and show my appreciation to all of you.

Please keep in mind that I am new to this and I have no idea how to host a contest or a blogfest. (note to self-call Alex)

But, I will figure it out.  The contest is not as important as the reason behind it & the really, really awesome prizes I have selected.

I have given this a great deal of thought and I want to show everyone how much I appreciate you reading my blog and offering such helpful advice and ideas whenever I have questions, Yes I know I have a lot.

The contest or blogfest itself will be very easy to enter and I will post the complete details when I can think of them hint* I welcome your ideas and suggestions on a specific type of contest or blogfest that you like to participate in.

and now for my list of prizes...

(1) one winner will receive a 2 hour plot consultation with Martha Alderson- valued at $280
(1) one winner will receive a Kindle e-reader (value &79+)
(3) winners will receive a copy of Martha Alderson's new book, The Plot Whisperer -value $9.00

Who knows, I may even have more prizes. It depends on how many people sign up. This will not involve any skill or talent. It is basically my way of sharing my appreciation and hopefully a way to allow more bloggers to get to know each other and connect with bloggers they do not already know.

So if you read all the way to here. Please pass the word. The contest or blogfest will not begin until after NaNo ends. I am thinking of starting it in early December and ending in time for winners to receive their prizes before Christmas.

Bye~for now!
Happy Writing!

Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Literary Classics I Hated, But We Are Expected To Love  

This is the first Wednesday of the month of November so it is that time again. For those of you not familiar with Alex Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group, please visit his blog and check it out.

I almost forgot that today was the day because I have been frantically busy with NaNo as I decided to participate at the very last minute. So my IWSG post will be short, but nonetheless it is something I am afraid to share with all of you. I am even worried that I will catch a lot of backlash after this post.

My Insecurity today is more about my insecurity as a reader than a writer, but it all ties together.  Okay, here goes.

It seems to me that all good writers are also lovers of the literature classics. I am not and I fear that this will make me look like a less talented writer in your eyes. I do not dislike all of the classics , in fact I have enjoyed reading a great many of them. However, there are a great number of titles that I have read (mostly because they were assigned reading material at some point in my life.

Here is a list of some of the classics of literature that I  struggled to finish, that failed to capture my attention or dazzle me. I have never shared this with anyone. Having been an honor student in college and law school it would have been a disgrace for me to tell anyone that these books not only did not due it for me, but actually finishing each of them was worse than a triple root canal- without the gas.

They are in no particular order of bad to worse.

  •      Great Expectations (without a doubt the most miserable reading experience I've have).
  •      War and Peace
  •      Moby Dick
  •      Foucauit's Pendulum
  •      The Waste Land (and other T.S. Elliot poems.
  •      Naked Lunch
  •      The Illad and Odyssey of Homer
  •      Walden
  •      The Old Man and the Sea
  •      Wuthering Heights
  •      The Sound and the Fury (and I graduated from Ole Miss-How can I not like this book)
I am not completely void of a love for the classics. There are quite a few that I actually loved.

  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. Slaughterhouse-five
  3. Catcher in the Rye
  4. Lord of the Flies
  5. Deliverance
  6. Gone With the Wind
  7. Uncle Tom's Cabin
  8. To Kill a Mockingbird
I am sure there are more that I love and more that I did not love, but the ones listed are those that came to my mind rather easily.

Perhaps I was too young when I read those that I struggled to finish...No. I just did not like them.

So I am insecure about my lack or literary sophistication.

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