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Question & Answer Time- What's Your Comment Policy

I have Questions. I hope you have Answers.

What is your commenting policy?
I have been trying really hard to show my appreciation to the wonderful blogging friends that I have made, but I feel like I am failing miserably.

I have been blessed with a lot of new followers and my goal has been to follow their blogs as well. I try to read their post and leave comments. I posted about this before and talked about how frustrating it is to click on the photo of a follower and land on their profile page only to discover that I cannot find a link to their blog.

I received some helpful comments from all of you to this frustrating situation. Most of you have experienced this and stated that you try to locate the blog, but with your limited amount of time if you cannot find it you have to just move on. One reader even mentioned that perhaps my new reader (follower)-I hate using that word, it makes me feel so snobby -I prefer to refer to my followers as my readers, anyway I was told that maybe my reader just doesn't want to share their blog with me. That is okay. I totally understand that. I realize also that not every reader-follower has a blog. I get that as well.

My concern is that I am missing a whole lot of followers, that do in fact have blogs that they do want me to read and that they do have linked to their blog.

I am new at this and I know I am going to make rookie mistakes, but I am really missing something big here. I am missing something Important. I need your help.

Okay...I hope I can write this in a way that it makes sense. When I click on the photo of a follower, most of the time it takes me to a google or blogger profile page that list the person's about me information, a list of blogs that they follow and a link to their blog. It usually reads, my blog.

Now I hope these three photos or screen shots are visible to you. The first one shows you what I see when I click on my followers. The second one shows you what I see most of the time, when I click on the name of one of my followers( I just picked a random name) of someone whose blogger profile links to their blog.

The third screen shot shows what I see the other 25% of the time, when I click on the name or photo of a follower. It takes me to their profile, but I cannot see their link to their blog.

For the longest time I just assumed it was because they do not have their blog connected by link to their profile page. I started doubting this reasoning when I discovered that about half the time this is what is occuring.

My suspiscions were confirmed when I was fortunate enough to come across the bloggers name as they commented on another blog I follow. When I click on the link inside a comment on another blog, I am able to see the link to the blog that is missing when I do this from my own blog

The reason I chose Nisa for the third screenshot is not random like the first two. I chose Nisa because she was my 100th follower and I have been eager to thank her in a blog post and to read her blog, follow it and comment on her content, and I am becoming extremely frustrated that I cannot link to her.

The only explanation that I have been able to come up with is this...A week or so ago in an effort to better reply to the comments that you are so gracious to leave on my blog post, I installed a third party comment gadget that many successful bloggers rave about. Please view my DISQUS DASHBOARD

Up until now, I thought DISQUS was like the cat's meow. It allows a blogger to reply or respond to a commenter, directly inside the original comment. It is not just for the blog owner (so we don't have to create a separate and new comment each time we reply to a comment) but it also allows other commenters to reply to anyone's comment. It allows two or more bloggers to carry on a conversation, all within the original comment. There are many other cool features. I am afraid that this new comment service is preventing me from clicking on the name of a person leaving a comment unless that person also subscribes to DISQUS, hence the reason only a handful of commenters are listed in pink with a hover over link (or whatever it is called when you can click on the text & be directed to a link)

I am having another problem with DISQUS, it is connecting me to a different google profile page than my blogger profile, but that is the topic for a separate post on something else I do not fully comprehend-linking your blogger profile to your google followers to your google friends. Sigh! It is exhausting just thinking about all the stuff I must learn to be a better blogger

Please let me know. Is it more difficult for you to leave comments on my blog now that I am using, DISQUS? 
If any of you currently use DISQUS, do you have any advice or tips for me?

Because I really do want to make it easier for you to leave comments on my blog. More importantly, I have to find out what I am doing wrong so that I do not miss out on the opportunity to follow the blogs of those following me.

What is the secret code? Tell me please. How do I make sure I can link to the bloggers profiles who signed on to be my friend and who I think would like me to follow them as well.
Anyone use a third party html gadget for comments other than DISQUS that you like? Do tell.

Thank you for following my blog and leaving comments. I genuinely appreciate the time and effort it takes. I want to be able to do the same. This is such a helpful group of people. Thank you to all of you and I will be so grateful for any comments, suggestions, 
critisims & tips.

Happy Commenting


Melissa Sugar said...

I've been blogging for a long time. if I can't follow the reader on their profile page, then I wait until I see them in other's comments. If that still doesn't happen, I'm sorry to say, I give up. I understand your frustration, but sometimes readers just don't want to be found.

Melissa Sugar said...

I don't bother unless they comment on my post. Most seems to be just lurking anyway. The other reason I don't is because I have a larger number of inidividuals who subscribe to my blog via email. There's no way I can follow them.

Melissa Sugar said...

I try to keep up with comments and to visit the blogs of others, but when it's not listed, I stop searching. It's not out of cruelty or malice, but saving time. If I can't find it right away--or you have more than one blog listed and I can't immediately tell which is the correct one--I have to move on.

Melissa Sugar said...

This is how I comment: I make it a point to comment on my post, replying to my readers' thoughts. Then I pick 15 random readers in my followers list and comment there. It is my goal to do this on a daily basis, but it's been once a week so far! :O


Melissa Sugar said...

Hey there, I'm visiting you from Elizabeth's blog. I get what you're saying it bugs me when I'm followed and I can't follow back. I usually post a reminder on my blog for them to leave a comment. It's easier to trace a blog through a comment. They can give me their blog website if it doens't appear on their profile. If you have no way of following, there's nothing you can really do. Happy Halloween! :)

Melissa Sugar said...

I try to comment on everyone's blogs that I follow. It's hard when lots of people post, but I do take time to read a lot everyday. I learn so much from them. Then on my own posts, I sometimes comment back. I'm not sure if people come back and read them. It's such a tough thing to figure out what to do.

Melissa Sugar said...

My unofficial commenting policy - First I read and comment on the blogs of people who comment on mine. Then I read through the blogs I follow and comment if I have something to say, or if there is a question posed I have an answer to. I don't have any strong preference to the comment vehicle but I will admit, sometimes I comment and click off the site without realizing their was a confirmation word window coming so my comment disappears.

Okay, one other thing - the font in this comment window is really tiny/hard on the eyes. But that's probably because I have very old eyes.

Melissa Sugar said...

Okay, additional comment - when I was trying to save the last comment, it wouldn't let me be me. (LD Masterson)

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow, so many questions!
If a blogger hasn't gone into his Google account and claimed his blog there, it won't show up, like with that third screen. So if they follow without commenting, you can't follow back.
Sometimes I do have problems leaving comments with Disqus.
As far as commenting back, I try to comment on those who comment on my post, but I admit I go through my list of regular blogger buddies first. Even hitting a hundred blogs a day, I just can't keep up sometimes. And I reply on my own post rather than emailing a comment. Some people already get a ton of mail and bloggers like to see interaction.
And this is probably the longest comment I have ever made!

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks Alex. Your tips were very helpful. I apologize fot the long post that required such a long answer, but I do appreciate you taking the time to help me out. You really are the best.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thank you. I agree the font is small. So it is not your eyes. Wait, maybe it is because I suddenly realized that I have been needing to have my eyes checked. I think my eyesight is just fine, but my husband said that he can tell from the way I have to hold items either very far away from my eyes or very close to read small print that it is past time for me to have glasses. I suppose it happens to everyone over 40.

Wow, now that you mentioned it, I have REALLY noticed how TINY this font is.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks. I am impressed that you are able to comment so much. I agree with you, I don't think that people come back and check for replies either, but it I don't reply that will be the one time they do,lol. I have gone back exactly two times to check and that was when I asked a direct question that I was hoping to receive an answer .

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks. I guess the problem I am faced with is that it is actually more difficult for me to link to a blog through the comments (ever since I started using DISQUS) probably because if the commenter does not also use it I cannot click on their name

Melissa Sugar said...

Thank you. I really like this idea. It will prompt me to visit more blogs, just not every blog every day. Brilliant idea.

Melissa Sugar said...

I am starting to feel the same way. I spend so much time searching for blogs that I am neglecting the bloggers who make it easy to follow. Thanks for the advice.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thank you for the tips. You make a valid point. If they sign up to follow me, but never actually leave a comment, chances are they are not really reading my content. I feel sort of stupid right now for now realizing that before now. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks, Anne. I have discovered a few in comments on other blogs that I was able to link to. I always link to them when I do. Good advice and very much appreciated.

Melissa Sugar said...

I have had some trouble leaving comments with the Disqus format but gave it extra effort since you are good about commenting on blogs. Since I did some kind of link thing it doesn't seem to make a difference now. As for my commenting policy, since I have a rather modest following, right now I able to respond to most comments. At least I think I do :) I comment on the blog although I know it is a pain to check back.

Melissa Sugar said...

I just tried an experiment. On the first four reader pictures I clicked on, no links - and they were all people I know have links. Then I clicked on those same four pictures again - links there.
This sounds really silly but have you tried clicking a picture, waiting for it to load, closing it and then clicking on it again?

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