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Pay it Forward - Blogfest

Pay it Forward-Blog-fest

Meet & Greet for Bloggers-Get to Know Your Fellow Bloggers

Are You ready for another blog-fest? I am and this next one is awesome, especially for people like me who are trying to get to know more bloggers.

Just when you thought Alex J. Cavanaugh had outdone himself, he teams up with Matthew from QQQE, Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment to create this Pay it forward blog-fest.

Pay it forward begins October 14, 2011 and according to Matthew, the purpose is to introduce all of us to everyone. Matthew & Alex want this this to be an easy way to meet and follow as many bloggers as you like.

This is how the blog-fest will work: In our post, Alex & Matthew want us to list, describe and link to three blogs that we enjoy reading, but that we suspect may fly under the radar of other bloggers. Or they can be famous blogs as long as they are awesome.

So once again I am really psyched. This will be another opportunity for me to reconnect with old friends and connect with other bloggers who write about things that interest me. I am really excited because Matthew & Alex have provided an excellent opportunity for bloggers like me to attract others to our blogs who may in turn follow us.

Happy Blogging! Pay it Forward!


Sarah Tokeley said...

Yep, signed up for this one. I think it's a lovely idea.

Melissa Sugar said...

I think so also. It is a great way for new bloggers to connect. Matthew & Alex really go out of their way to make sure all bloggers feel included .

Laila Knight said...

Thanks for reminding me this is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to meeting more bloggers. Following you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to offer your very kind words of support. I agree totally with what you said and you are right, everybody has to start somewhere. :)
I think your blog is great, sounds like you have your hands full I don't know how you have the time with a family, full time job and this...phew!!
Keep it up.....Following you .xxx

Melissa Sugar said...

Thank you, Laila & Eve for visiting my blog. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs. I am also really looking forward to the Pay it Forward blogfest

Jolene Perry said...

Cavanaugh is pretty awesome.

I'd love to do it, but next week may even be crazier than this week.

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