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Killer Character Blogfest

E.R. King & Deana Barnhart are hosting a spOOktacular  blogfest. 

The Killer Characters Blogest, Here is what the theme is:

The theme is, you guessed it, Killer Characters! Is there a hero who's haunted your dreams? How about a lower-than-dirt bad guy who's made your skin crawl? Or a spunky sidekick who's stolen your heart? Tell us about them!

There are three (3) Challenges for this blogfest:

Join us in three challenges:
1) Oct 24 post about your favorite literary supporting character
2) Oct 26 post about your favorite literary protagonist
3) Oct 28 post about your favorite literary antagonist
All entires should be 250 words maximum, but you may use all the pictures you'd like. 

Sign up for this. I for one am looking forward to reading all of the interesting & diverse entries. I am also looking forward to meeting more bloggers. These blogfest have been an excellent opportunity for me as a new(er) blogger to meet friends & to reconnect with old friends. 

A Big thank you to E.R. King & Deana Barnhart for this SpOoky fun KiLieR ChAraCtErS bLoGfEsT.

Deana Barnhart, was the host of last summer's "Gearing up to get an Agent" blogfest.

Sign up Here. Then remember to leave your email address in the comment section of the post. You must be a follower of both E.R. King's Get Busy Writing blog and of Deana Barnhart's Blog to enter.

Read their blogs for more information.  Trick or Treat! Yes, there will be treats! Prizes anyway for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, including a chance to win a copy of Elana Johnson's new book, POSSESSION  and one of two manuscript edits by Elana, herself 


Emily R. King said...

Awesome! Thanks for the shout out! I'm looking forward to reading your entries.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Great idea for a blogfest! Unfortunately I won't be able to sign up this time around because the whole month of October is pretty much a wash :(

Melissa Sugar said...

Thanks for visiting E.R King & Lynda. I know what you mean, Lynda about the month of Oct. Girls all have birthdays then my son at the end of the month +Halloween, school carnivals... I am going to enter anyway because I love how these blogfest give me a chance to meet so many new and interesting people.

Thank you E.R. for hosting this

Sarah Tokeley said...

Two great blogs there! I'll be looking forward to reading the entries.

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