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I Received Two (sort of like three) Blog Awards.

It is quite an honor to receive a blog award. I feel validated.  I hope that I have not offended any of the gracious bloggers who bestowed these awards upon me by taking longer than I anticipated to accept them and pass them forward.

My First Award  "One Lovely Blog" 
Was actually given to me by two very kind bloggers. I will thank them in the order I received it. I almost called this award the "Don't Hate me because I am beautiful award" 

Why? Because the first person who gave me this award, Colin D. Smith, titled his blog post, "Don't Hate  Me Because I am Beautiful". He is a talented writer and creative blogger. He is also a theologian and you should definitely check out his blog and read some of his flash fiction.  It is my understanding (please forgive me if I leave anything out) that I am to thank the person who gave me this blog and then pass it on to fifteen (15) other deserving lovely  bloggers. So a great big thank you, to Colin Smith for thinking of my blog and of me. 

But wait... I have more good news. Another super great blogger friend also considered me worthy of this cool and lovely award. This next person is someone I really admire. Eve.E, is certainly not clueless, but that is the name of her cute and quirky blog, Clueless Eve. Eve has only been blogging since August of this year and she already has a large and loyal following. The very first time that I stumbled upon Eve's blog was a day that she was considering throwing in the towel and giving up on her desire to blog. Like all new bloggers ( don't I know it) Eve was frustrated and confused. She did not know what to blog about and she worried that we were not interested in reading her blog. Fortunately, Eve is a survivor and she stuck with it (with a little help from her friends-and a lot of help from Alex Cavanaugh and Matt MacNish over at QQQE)

Thank You, Eve for selecting me as a recipient of this most treasured and lovely blog award. And thank you Eve, for demonstrating courage and resiliance and continuing to delight us with your very lovely blog. It is indeed  lovely.   Eve's blog design is cute, quirky and colorful. I always smile when I land on her blog. Her design is full of perky purple and cool doodling. Eve uses the best pictures and cartoons in her post. If you are feelling gloomy and want to perk up, hop on over to Eve's for entertainment.

Before I announce the next 15 lucky recipients of the One Lovely Blog Award, I want to thank all of you, my blogger friends for being the best group of people I have had the opportunity to know. If someone would have told me how friendly, warm and supportive all of you would be I would not have believed it. It is probably difficult for non-bloggers to understand, but I have felt an almost instant kinship with the group of bloggers (especially writer-bloggers) that I have met. I am proud to call you my friends. I want to thank you for reading my blog, for commenting, for joining as a friend or follower and for just being such awesome and sincere people.

Okay, On with it you say. (I know-long blog post are taboo)

One more thing. I am only selecting fifteen (15) not thirty (30) -two awarders-one award. Remember? If you have already received this award, my apologies. Please just accept it and of course you do not have to award it to others, again.

  1. Krista at I Take The Pen
  2. Melissa Ann Goodwin
  3. Laura Josephsen
  4. Laura at Daily Dodo
  5. Jamie Burch
  6. Ryshia Kennie at Once Upon a Time
  7. Jennifer Shirk at Me My Muse and I
  8. WilyBCool at To Move Forward and Live
  9. Mommy Bags
  10. Judie at Miss Steps and Milestones
  11. Katie Mills at Creepy Query Girl
  12. Stephen Tremp
  13. Nick Hight at Writing Fire
  14. I'm Erin
  15. The East Coaster
There you have it. Fifteen awesome, cool, and superb blogs . Please check them out. I tried very hard to pick really good blogs and I searched the sites to make sure they were not already winners of this award. If I selected duplicates, my apologies.

and...because this post is already too long, I will make a new post for my new award. 



Melissa Sugar said...

Hello lovely lady - congratulations - you deserve it! And thank you for the award - that is so kind of you (I do have it but I'm slack at putting them in my sidebar!) But seriously - thanks! Also just to say, in response to your concerns / question on my post yesterday - you are one of the most present commenters at my place and on my rounds around the blogosphere - and a very warm and generous presence at that, so please don't be worrying about getting behind and all that (I know, easier said than done-) - and remember to enjoy it I guess
Love Laura xxx

Melissa Sugar said...

Awww, congrats and thanks for passing it along!!

Melissa Sugar said...

Congratulations on your award Melissa :-)

You're right. Writer bloggers are some of the friendliest people on the planet. When i started blogging, I was only disappointed that I hadn't found this out earlier! You and your blog is a very welcome part of this community.

Melissa Sugar said...

Melissa - you won the book giveaway over at my blog! Congrats! I emailed you yesterday and haven't heard anything so thought I would stop here and let you know. Email me asap at klange61(at)hotmail(dot)com okay?

Congrats also to the award winners here! :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Congratulations! And glad Eve stuck with it.

Melissa Sugar said...

You are more than welcome, Melissa. And don't feel badly about taking your time with this award. It's hard picking 15 blogs, especially with so many cool blogs out there to choose from. I took a few days before posting mine.

Melissa Sugar said...


Melissa Sugar said...

Congrats on the awards! And congrats to all the great blogs you awarded too! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!

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