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Best Time To Read While You Write

When Do You Write? Do you Read & Write?

I have Questions. Do you have answers?     

Whoa! Is it Wednesday already? Before I say anything else, I want to welcome all my new friends & followers. I had an amazing time hopping from blog to blog last Friday and Saturday and Sunday... In fact I am still meeting new people. So a great big thank you to Matthew & Alex. Your pay it forward blogfest was a huge  success.

I tried to meet as many new people as possible while also checking out the content of their blogs so I did not have a chance to meet everyone. I am going to continue going through the list but not at marathon speed. While reading such a variety of post from so many bloggers I found myself jotting down ideas and tips and also questions that I wanted to follow up on. This leads me to today's post. I have questions for other bloggers, questions that pop in and out of my mind at random times. I decided to toss out a handful of them hoping that with so many new friends I will get many new or different solutions to old questions.

  1. Do you get up early to write or do you write late at night or somewhere in between? I am nocturnal. My husband has been calling me a vampire since way before vampires were cool. I cannot explain it and it has nothing to do with what time I get up. I just seem to get more creative as the day or night goes on. This was great while I was working during the day. I have taken time off from work to edit my manuscript and begin the query process. This should be mean more time to write and edit and revise, right? Well it is not working out that way. I can do everything else I need to do during the day like grocery shopping, banking, housekeeping, organizing & cooking etc.etc.etc.
          But... When it comes to writing, my creative juices seem to be on tranquilizers until after dark. Why? I don't get it.  

Do you write better a certain part of the day or night?

     2.  Do you read while you are writing? Of course we all read something everyday. The newspaper, work related material and the other necessities. I mean do you prefer to read the work of other authors in your genre while you are in the writing stage of your NIP?

         There are two vastly different views on this issue. I love to read and not a day goes by that I don't read. Some days I find time to get engrossed in a novel and other days I am lucky to sneak a chapter or two in while I lock myself in the bathroom pretending to have, um, let's call it a stomach ache. Hey, guys do it all the time-besides it is the only real privacy in our home filled with kids.

        I find that reading others authors work while I am writing keeps me revved up and inspired to continue. It also helps me recognize what I like and dislike as a reader so that I can transfer that to my writing. I read a combination of best selling authors who I admire and debut authors. Reading debut authors helps me keep in mind what publishers are looking for.

       Those who oppose reading while writing have valid points as well. There is the argument that it can stifle your creativity or inadvertently lead to plagiarism.  It goes without saying that reading or any activity or hobby will cut into your writing time.

 What is your take on this topic? Do you enjoy reading similar material while writing your first draft or do you limit your material?

I was going to ask another question, but it is NaNoWrimo related & would make this post entirely too lengthy and I really want you to read the question(s) and provide your input. So now I have the title of tomorrows post.

So in a nutshell, when do you write and do you read & write?


Nancy said...

Now I write when I can find the time, which is often mornings, but my best writing occurs late at night or away from home anytime. After everything is quiet and still and I don't feel like I need to be doing anything else. Given the opportunity, I read like crazy while I am writing. Rarely (no time that I can think of) have the stories I've been reading been so similar to what I'm writing that I have to worry about copying. Either that or I have missed it entirely and surely some critiquer somewhere would have caught it. I like to read in the genre I'm writing because I feel like it sets the mood. That being said, it seems like many days I have to choose between reading or writing because there isn't time for both.

Melissa Sugar said...

@ Nancy, I know what you mean. About the only thing that keeps me from reading when I am writing is not having the time to do both. Thanks for sharing your input on the topic

Sarah Tokeley said...

I prefer to write in the evening usually, it's just something about knowing that I'm not going to have to get up and sort the laundry or make dinner. Doesn't always work out that way though :-)

As for reading. I tend not to read in the genre I'm writing in until my first draft is done. It's okay after that though.

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I loved reading this. It is so interesting.

I dream and then I write first thing in the morning. But then I feel compelled to write ALL day long LOL! At least strong coffee and writing seem to work nicely together :0)

Stacy McKitrick said...

I write whenever I have time. Technically, I'm a morning person, and if I didn't have to go to work, I'd probably write in the morning. Unfortuntely, mornings on the weekends is full of chores I must do, because once I sit down to write, uh oh, I won't get anything else done!

I read when I write, too. Every day at lunch I read. When I get toward the end of the book, I'll sit at home and finish it. It's never interferred with my writing (except if I'm really engrossed and I'd rather read than write, but that only happened when I read the JR Ward books, and I finished those - for now). I won't let the genre I write in stop me from reading in that genre, because that's what I love to read. And I write what I love to read.

LD Masterson said...

Short answer - any time and yes.

I like to write early in the morning when my creative juices are flowing, but life gets in the way so more often I'm trying to work it in at night after everything has settled down.

And I've always got a book going that I'm reading. As soon as I finish one, I'm on to the next. Yet my TBR pile never gets smaller. Wonder why that is.

Colin Smith said...

I have a full-time job, and a family, so I read and write when I can. If I'm at work and inspiration strikes, I will outline and jot down ideas on paper. That means I tend to write "for real" in the evenings--but that's more due to circumstance than choice.

As for reading--I used to fear being subconsciously influenced by what I read, so I was afraid to read while I wrote. But I've become a lot more confident in my own style, abilities, and discernment, so I'm not opposed to reading while I write.

Sherrie Petersen said...

As long as the house is quiet, I can write. Unfortunately, that's usually at night. The phone's not ringing, the family's in bed. I guess I'm a vampire, too :)

And I have no problem reading while I'm writing. I read a LOT.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

My brain works best in the morning so that's when I write. I also read when I write. I try to read every day.

Melissa Sugar said...

@Sarah Pearson. I feel the same way, if I know I have to get up & do something like make dinner or do the laundry, it's hard to really get into my writing. It sticks in my head and the anticipation stifles my creativity.

@ Elizabeth Hirsch. I have a hard time writing first thing in the morning. It is probably because I have so much else to do. Thank you for your kind words.

@Stacy McKitrick. I wish I was a morning person. I understand about having to just fit the writing in whenever & wherever you can

Melissa Sugar said...

@L.D. Masterson. Linda, you said it perfectly, "life gets in the way". I am the same with the books I am reading. Thanks for reading

Melissa Sugar said...

@ Collin Smith. I have worked full time all my life, until now, so I understand about fitting the writing in. Work & my family have always come first, so I do my "real" writing very late at night after all the kids are asleep & I have everything ready to go for school & work the next day. I guess years of late night writing is why I am having a hard time adjusting to morning writing. Thanks for visiting & sharing your input.

Melissa Sugar said...

@Sherrie Peterson. Hello fellow vampire. Thanks for sharing. A quiet home does make writing easier. Too bad that is usually only late at night.

@Lynda R. Young. You appear to be in the majority as a preferred morning writer. I wonder if I could teach my brain to function better in the morning. I appreciate your comments.

Slamdunk said...

In answer to your first question, I like to think I can adjust. I am a morning person for the most part, but being a parent has forced me to write more in the late evening/after midnight. I think my creativity level is still the same just have to make more potty breaks with the increased caffeine beverage consumption.

Melissa Sugar said...

Slamdunk, I am the opposite, but I am trying to adjust. I guess it is like any other habit, it will take a while to form. Thanks for visiting

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