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Best Blogs For Writers. Top 23

23 Best Blogs For Writers:

When we are not writing what are we doing? Reading. Writers love to read . Bloggers love to read. Don't you just love it when you stumble upon a writer's blog that is jam packed with useful, helpful, interesting and entertaining content? I do. The blog that keeps you up for hours at night as you devour the content, asking yourself, “How in the world did I not know about this blog?”
I am far from an expert in the area of search engine optimization or using keywords in text or seeking link-backs, in fact I feel like a complete idiot when I attempt to understand any of the above. But, even a complete idiot knows that the more popular blogs are the ones that are listed high on the Google search page and I am sure that they deserve to be there. But what about the newer blogs or the blogs with kick butt information and content that have somehow been overlooked by SEO?
Most of us become friendly with our fellow bloggers and make a point of following our followers and we often check out other blogs followed by our favorite bloggers. This is probably the best way to discover new blogs with fresh content that appeal to our needs. I mean you can't get much better than a recommendation to view a blog given to us by someone we know and trust. This is the best form of advertisement.
Every once in a while I come across a blog that I have never heard of and I start reading and cannot stop. Does this ever happen to you? Below is a list of blogs that I have found to be invaluable resources to me as a writer. I am sure that you have heard about or already follow some or most of them, but you never know, one could be new to you and just might be that diamond in the rough that will make you wonder how the heck you missed it.
If you discovered any of your favorite go-to blogs by accident, luck or chance, please share it with us. Please leave a link to your favorite blog for writers in the comment section. Even if it has been around for years with a giant following it just might be new to someone else.
There is nothing quite as wonderful as feeling connected to other like-minded individuals.

    1. When you sign up for fiction writer coach, Emily Hanlon's mailing list you will receive a series of emails over a two month period, including more articles on the subject, fresh writing prompts and writing exercises designed to boost your creativity. Emily offers a wealth of resources for writers including her three aisle book store, inexpensive audio cd's or downloads, tele-seminars, tele-conferences and reasonably priced individual writing coach or mentor packages to meet your needs.
    2. The open fiction blog and the open fiction project courseware . The open fiction project is a resource for teachers and writers that provides you with a complete set of materials for an introductory fiction writing course. It is a resource for receiving feedback on your fiction and writing exercises.
    3. awesome writing advice
    4. tons of information and articles for writers
    5. Alicia Rasley's writer's corner
    6. need help editing your manuscript? Just enter or paste your text into the box & voila. Amazing
    7. advice on novel writing from beginning to end to published with EVERYTHING in between. Author leaves nothing out
    8. and this list would not be complete without one of my absolute favorites, my all time number one go to blog when I am writing. or also known as The Emotional Thesaurus. Angela & Becca really do have just about every emotion your character can exhibit listed here with several descriptive words & excellent examples. They have also ventured out and now include a setting thesaurus and even character trait thesaurus. Check out the colors thesaurus. This is one blog you want to visit if you are not already one of the thousands of followers. I guarantee you will return to it often to help you with descriptive words, actions, feelings, mannerisms & body language.
    9. a great blog for aspiring authors

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