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2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge: My Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Just The Facts, Mam:

Day 1 - Letter A: Autopsy

At 11:50 P.M., on July 9, 2014, a warm, humid night, officers responded to a 911 call. The male caller said, "Someone committed suicide. She's dead. Come quick. Oh god, she's dead. I can't believe she's gone."

Upon arrival at 411 Distress Avenue, officers found a petite woman lying on her back, outside of her home. The deceased, later identified as Martha Clinton, a married, 28 year old woman, appeared to have died from a gunshot wound. The victim, hereinafter referred to as the deceased, was lying on the grass in a dimly lit area between the home and the detached garage/garage apartment. A gun was in her right hand.

The 911 caller, Sam Watson, told officers that he was a good friend of the victim/ Martha and that he came to her home to return something and found her dead. She didn't answer the doorbell or his phone call or text messages so he was going to walk around to the back door and that is when he discovered the body.

Inside the home, officers found a note pinned to the refrigerator that stated. "B home late. Pick up BBall game with the boys. Don't wait up. I love you, T."

T, turned out to be Thomas Clinton, the vic's husband. When the detectives arrived on scene they questioned Sam and learned that he was friends with Martha and only an acquaintance of Thomas. His attitude and demeanor indicated that he was not too fond of the husband, Thomas. When asked about the note, Sam answered, "If he isn't playing basketball with his frat brother type buddies, he is out clubbing or gambling or playing ... pickup of another kind, if you know what I ,mean." According to Sam, Thomas is a big gambler. He frequents the local casinos, horse track, dog track and also makes big bets on pro and college sporting events with a bookie. Sam, claims he doesn't know who Thomas places his wagers with. Adamant that he does not know the identity of the bookie. Detective Wayne Coker pressed Sam for more information, but he said that he was too upset to continue. Detective Coker explained that he could not leave and he would have to turn his clothing over to the CSI team as evidence. Sam's clothing had blood on it. Sam said he got blood on his clothing when he attempted CPR on Martha.

Detectives later learn that the husband, Thomas Clinton is a personal injury attorney in a neighboring town. They were unable to locate him upon finding the body. Detectives radioed in a request for patrol units to respond to Tulane University, where Sam told the officers, Thomas often plays basketball. A city wide BOLO (Be on the Lookout) went out for Thomas Clinton. Sam overhead the BOLO request and responded by saying, "Oh my god. Why are you arresting her husband. She committed suicide."

When asked why he believed Martha committed suicide, Sam said, "I just assumed because of the gun ... there's a gun in her hand. You don't have to be Stabler to connect those dots, now do you." Sam further stated that Martha had not been depressed and had never expressed to him that she wanted to hurt or kill herself. She was well liked by everyone. She worked as a nurse at a pediatrician's office and was looking forward to an upcoming vacation. Sam alluded to the fact that Martha was not very happy in her marriage, but he denied a sexual relationship with her.

Several hours later the ME explained his "preliminary" findings with the detectives. Martha Clinton died as a result of a single gunshot wound into her mouth.

"So she ate her gun," detective Coker said.
"Not exactly. I can't be certain until we conduct a full autopsy."

Clinton died from a gunshot wound to the right side of her throat. The trajectory of the bullet appears to be gong upward through the tongue and into the brain. The bullet likely struck the skull, fracturing it and the bullet did not exit. We will have to wait on a ballistics report to know for certain. The only certainty the Medical Examiner could offer was that she died from a single gunshot wound inside her mouth.

Blood drained  from the entrance wound onto neck and shoulder.

Blood accumulated in her mouth.

 There appears to be no exit wound.

The small amount of blood will most likely be attributed to a .22 or other low caliber.

The entry wound appeared to be consistent with a smaller caliber gun that the gun found in the victim's hand.

GSR - Gunshot residue found on victim's hands - on flat area of open palms. This is not consistent with GSR that would be consistent with a person holding a gun.

More consistent with a defensive position of holding hands up to push the barrel of the gun away.
Powder burns on hand appear to be powder discharged from cylinder of gun

Gun in victims' hand was a .38, not consistent with wounds, blow back, or GSR

Victim's prints not found on the exterior of the gun

Appears that Victim struggled

Victim recently engaged in sexual intercourse

Preliminary findings show that that victim either engaged in extremely rough consensual sex or that she was sexually assaulted , causing bruising, ripping and tearing.

Victim was penetrated.

Medical Examiner announced that if the sex was not consensual then this should be an easy case to solve. The perp or the sexual partner left semen

Semen found on and in victim.

Semen sample has been sent to the crime lab for DNA matching

Detective Coker ordered officers to get a DNA sample from the so called friend, Sam Watson. And find that GD husband, already. He also ordered his subordinates to find out who lived in the victim's garage apartment. Tenant had not been home earlier, but he was considered a person of interest at this point.

Dr. Bowers, the Medical Examiner, said, "well, if the husband did it, should be easy enough to get his DNA If it's not him ... well, we've got DNA and that's more than most perp's leave us these days."

"If this ass wipe is in the system, we've got him." Detective Coker said.

How to Participate & Win:

As I said in my theme reveal, I will be awarding one twenty five dollar ($25) Amazon gift card each week. It won't take too much detective work to locate the daily clue and the daily clue may or may not pertain to the mystery challenge. If you leave me a comment, add the daily clue in the comment section and your name will be added to weekly drawing. If you leave one comment during week one, your name will be added once. If you leave five, your name will be added five times. It will be a random drawing,

To win the grand prize a Kindle Fire, you must:
1. Leave a minimum of ten comments during the A to Z challenge.

2. Solve the murder mystery.

3. The first person to solve the murder will win the Kindle Fire.

4. There is only one Kindle Fire grand prize, so if two or more people are the first to solve the crime (solve on the same day), I will hold a random drawing for the grand prize.

5. If you solve the crime, tie for the grand prize, but do not win the drawing, I will have runner up prizes for each and every person who actually solves the murder.

6. If you believe you are ready to solve the crime: If you believe you know the killer's identity prior to the last day, you are welcome to solve early, but please do not leave your answer in the comment section. Email me at with your great detective work. If you solve the crime, I will post your answer the following day and announce the winner. If you are wrong you can continue guessing.

7. You will not have enough information to solve the crime until the end of week 1

Today's Clue: Letter A - Not an accident

Grand Prize:

Fire HDX 8.9


Day 2 - Letter B

After further questioning of  Sam Watson and his colleagues & friends, police learned that he lied. Sam and the now dead, Martha had just recently started seeing each other, romantically. Well, maybe romantically isn't the best word. It seems that Martha was tired of her philandering husband having affairs with his clients, paralegals and others. She was considering reporting him to the state bar association because sex with a client would get him into serious trouble, might even get him disbarred. According to Martha's best friend, Annabelle Kelly, Martha only took up with Sam to get back at her husband. She also wanted to feel wanted and needed again. She wanted to be with someone who thought she was still sexy and complimented her. Her husband, Thomas had long ago quit putting any effort into the marriage In fact, according to Annabelle, Sam had fallen hard for Martha and Martha was having a difficult time making him understand that she was not interested in a relationship, at all. Tom just kept showing up, Annabelle told the detective.

Police located the husband Thomas Clinton the next day at his law office. Apparently he did not come home at all the night before. He appeared shocked and was visibly shaken upon learning that his wife died the night before. He told the police that the couple argued so he decided to give Martha some space and stay in Baton Rouge at his law office's corporate condo for the night. Detective Coker found it odd that he never even called to check in on his wife. After a lengthy round of denials, Thomas admitted that he had not always been faithful to his wife, but denied the kind of philandering other witnesses accused him of.

Detective Coker paid a visit to the pediatrician's office where Martha was employed. He met the handsome and married, Dr.  Russo, Martha's employer. The man seemed a little jumpy and squeamish to the detective and Detective Coker got the distinct impression that Dr. Russo was hiding something.

Detective Coker spoke to three other employees. Nurse (1) Elisa, an attractive blonde had only kind words to offer about Martha, but also shared that over the past few months she'd noticed Martha wearing long sleeves on hot days. She once noticed a bruise on Martha's shoulder and thought perhaps Martha was the victim of domestic violence. Nurse (2) Frances, a semi-attractive woman who appeared overly protective of Dr. Russo, implied perhaps Martha was using drugs. Maybe even shooting heroine. Dr. Russo and Elisa dismissed the idea, but did mention that several pain pill bottles had disappeared and someone had recently stolen two of Dr. Russo's prescription pads. Nurse (3) Jenny, a  frumpy, plump woman of about 40 with facial lines that gave her face a permanent frown told Detective Russo that she wouldn't doubt it if Martha had committed suicide. This puzzled Russo because no one had mentioned suicide to anyone outside of the investigation. When asked why she thought such a thing, Nurse Jenny said that her boyfriend leased the Clinton's garage apartment and he thought the woman might be suicidal. Plus, Jenny claimed to have once caught Martha googling weird things on the office computer. She later checked the browser history and found topics like:

How to make a suicide look like an accident 
How to stage a crime scene
How to make  a suicide look like murder
How to frame someone for murder

DNA wasn't back yet. No knew matches on prints. Ballistics report not finished and the rest of the trace evidence was still at the backlogged crime lab.

The canvas of the Clinton's neighborhood turned up zilch so far. Not one person heard a gunshot or a struggle of any kind. They lived in a gated community and the homes were situated on .75 acre lots, so it was possible no one heard a gunshot. Highly unlikely if the .38 had been fired.

Detective Coker couldn't wait around for science. He would work the case the old fashioned way in the meantime. Solve this sucker by interviewing witnesses and following leads.

He asked his subordinates to run rap sheets on everyone they and talked to so far.
 Dig deeper into Tom's background.
 Find nurse Jenny's boyfriend, the tenant and interview him.
Order LUDS/phone records for the victim and her husband
Find out if any of the persons of interest or the victim owned a registered gun.
Check the entrance gates in victim's neighborhood for cameras and sign in sheets
He desperately needed to build a timeline for the day Martha was killed, but so far no one could account for her whereabouts from the time she left work at 6 in the evening until her body was found.

He would get her cell phone and laptop and put his IT guy on it right away. Phones and computers told some stories these days. You couldn't go to the bathroom without the built in GPS tracking you. They were a blessing and a nightmare rolled up in one

See if anyone could confirm husband's story of where he was when his wife killed
See if the husband would consent to releasing their cell phone records and financial records. If not get a warrant and also get a search warrant for the inside of the house.
Check the navigation on Martha's Lexus SUV and her husband's BMW SUV
Find out the names and backgrounds of all the women in husband's life
Check out Dr. Russo with the medical board



Day 3 - Letter C

Today's Crime Fiction Mystery Challenge will give you a taste of the real world. You probably expected to be inundated with fresh new evince, DNA results from the semen, ballistics reports, etc. But, just as in real life, today is a day in the ever so frustrating holding pattern. We continue to wait for the crime lab, and forensics to process the evidence. Our detective must resort to old fashion detective work.

He continues interviewing witness. He has located the occupant of the garage apartment who shared valuable information: Martha had retained an attorney and intended to file for divorce. Now Thomas has motive. Are you beginning to doubt that Martha committed suicide? Why? But wasn't the gun found in her hand. Well, that's not always indicative of suicide, in fact isn't it more likely the gun would have landed elsewhere ? And what about the GSW on her hands?

Detective Coker realizes he must now check for financial reasons the husband might want his wife dead. Where should he begin? Her lawyer? Life insurance policies? Detective Coker will hit the streets and look for possible motives. All the while hoping that maybe tomorrow will be his lucky day and he will get something conclusive back from the crime lab. Didn't one of the nurses who worked with Martha hint at a drug problem? He will head over to the Medical Examiners office and see if there is a preliminary toxicology report to conform or deny this allegation.

Prosecutors must constantly remind jurors not to get caught up in the glamour of crime scene investigations as portrayed on television. As stated in this youtube clip, they don't drive hummers. Another blatant falsity, CSI techs do not go out and actively search for suspects and apprehend them. They don't brandish weapons. They visit the scene and collect evidence or the evidence is transferred to them and they analyze it with the technology currently available.

Watch this interesting youtbe clip on the CSI Effect. 

Today's Clue = Cancer


Day 4 - Letter D 

When we left off, Detective Coker and his men were eagerly awaiting results from the crime lab and from the medical examiner's office. As in real life, this is the Monday, following the Easter weekend and thus the detective has not received any new scientific information. He placed calls all morning asking that all evidence be expedited, but, with the current backlog, he does not expect to hear back from any of the agencies today.

From his own investigation he learned that the victim's husband, Thomas Clinton owns a .22 Caliber handgun, but when Thomas Clinton was asked about his gun, he told the officers that believes it was stolen. No, he did not file a police report. Thomas Clinton denied knowing anyone who owns a .38 caliber weapon. Thomas Clinton further stated that his wife was taking a new antidepressant but he did not know the name of it. Clinton got angry with Detective Coker for embarrassing him at his law office. He will no longer cooperate in the investigation and instructed Detective Coker that if he has  additional questions, he should contact his lawyer.

Detective Coker has been unable to locate the Clintons' tenant. According to the tenants girlfriend, the nurse, the tenant was visiting his parents in Florida for the Easter break. He is recovering from another operation or procedure of some sort for his cancer. This is the first that Detective Coker has heard about the tenant's illness. He makes a mental note to do a thorough investigation into this tenant's background and find out the relationship, if any, between the tenant and his landlord(s), the Clintons.

Detective Coker did catch one lucky break. He obtained the cell phone records belonging to both Martha and Thomas Clinton. He will need to have someone in the IT department take a look at them because the phone records are very puzzling to him.

Phone record issues that are puzzling the detective:

  • Martha had several incoming text messages from her husband on the days and nights leading up to her death. Some of the text messages contain words that could be construed as a threat: "You try to leave me and you'll be sorry." "You can have your divorce, but you will never get half of my money."
  • Detective Coker was able to match up most of the text messages with the husband's phone, but some, (the threatening ones), they appear on Martha's cell phone as originating from her husband's cell phone number -- and --  on her cell phone bill, her husband's mobile number appears as the number that the text messages originated from ... something doesn't add up.
  • Upon further examination of the husband's cell phone records, none of the incoming, threatening messages coincide with outgoing text messages from Thomas Clinton's cell phone number to his wife's cell phone number. 
  • How can the number appear on the wife's statement as the telephone number that the text message originated from, but not appear as an outgoing message on the husband's statement?
Not being as computer savvy as the newer detectives and the digital forensic techs, Detective Coker decides it would be best to wait for an IT expert and a digital forensics expert to run through the cell phone records of both Mr. & Mrs. Clinton. Surely the IT guy can explain the discrepancy. If the IT department can't get to the bottom of this mystery, he will have to wait for a full report to come back from the digital forensics expert at the crime lab. 

Detective Coker has already transferred Mrs. Martha Clinton's cell phone and iPad to the crime lab, but it looks like he is going to need a warrant to seize Mr. Thomas Clinton's cell phone and other digital devices. He knows that the digital forensic techs will need the actual devices. Does he even have probable cause for a warrant for the husband's cell phone and other digital devices. Not sure, he'd better run the issue by the assistant district attorney as soon as he can. Hopefully, the IT guys in his own department can make sense out of this text message nonsense. He felt out of place in today's digital world.

Weird huh? Can any of you explain the discrepancy?

Today's Clue = Deception


Day 5 - Letter E: Epithelial Cell DNA

Evidence update:

Detective Coker's deputies extended their search to include the victim's backyard, where they collected over two dozen cigarette butts. Neither the victim, Martha Clinton nor her husband, Thomas Clinton are smokers. The cigarette buts were collected, bagged and tagged into evidence. The evidence has been transported to the crime lab for analysis.

The IT guy hasn't had much luck figuring out the cell phone mystery. Detective Coker obtained a search warrant for all electronic devices inside the victim's home and Thomas Clinton's personal cell phone and his other personal electronic devices. Thomas Clinton's lawyer surrendered his personal cell phone, but has filed a motion to quash (yes, it is called a motion to quash -- it is not a motion to squash, as some people erroneously believe) the subpoena as it pertains to his other electronic devices. He claims that Thomas Clinton's iPad, iPad mini and his MacBook Pro laptop are all used in connection with his law practice and turning over the equipment would violate his duty to protect his clients' confidential information.

Hmm... Wonder how that issue will be decided by the judge? What do you think? Will the judge order dead woman's husband to turn over his iPads and his laptop for a digital forensic investigation? Or will the lawyer/client confidentiality clause trump the detective's homicide investigation? Interesting Question

Letter E Clue = elusive


Day 6 - Letter F -- Forensic Update on Case:

F - Forensic Update — A to Z Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Facts, Witnesses & Evidence:

New Facts & Evidence:
Detective Coker finally tracked down the tenant, his name is Michael Prejean, 38 year old, attractive male, originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, lived in Florida for several years. He gave his occupation as writer. He claims to be a travel writer, not yet published, but provided a link to his travel blog. Great, Detective Coker thinks … more damned Internet and social media shit that he is too damned old for. When asked if he was a smoker, he said no. Detective Coker took a gamble, hoping the witness watched too much CSI on television and had no way of knowing that he didn’t have any DNA results back this soon. 
     “Well, how ‘bout you explain why your DNA is all over a pile of cigarettes in the dead woman’s back yard, some of ‘em not too far from where we found her dead body.”
Clearly taken by surprise, Michael pinched his bottom lip and stared at the ground. Seconds later, he looked up, still uncomfortable making eye contact.
     “I guess they could be mine.”
     “So you a smoker or not?”
     “Occasionally, but you can’t let that get out. Please.”
Baffled, Detective Coker figured he was dealing with an idiot. A murder investigation and this mope is worried about people learning he is a smoker. Coker scratched his head. 
     “Where were you on July 9th?”
     “In Tampa. At my mama’s house. You can ask her.” 
He answered too quickly for Detective Coker’s liking.
     “Oh. Believe me. We will do just that. But we’re gonna need more proof than just your mom’s word. Understand.”
Micheal nodded.
     “Did you stay in touch with your girlfriend while you were away?”
     “Who?” His eyes widened and for the first time since the interview they didn’t wander, his eyes focused on Detective Coker.
     “The nurse —  “ Detective Coker flipped the page of his handheld notebook. “ — Jenny Hebert. Works. I mean, worked with your landlord, Martha.”
     Running his hands through his mop of brown curls, Michael, stroked his chin and answered, “The nurse?”
     “Yea. Nurse. Your girlfriend —“
     “Ah man. She ain’t my girlfriend. Had to think a minute. Her. Yea, I know her, but she ain’t  my girlfriend. Sure, we mighta hooked up once or twice when she was looking for … uh … when she was looking for a good time. That’s all. Shit no, I didn’t stay in touch with her. Do my best to avoid her when I’m in town.”
     “How did you get along with the Clintons?”
     “Fine. You know. Martha — uh, Mrs. Clinton, she’s alright. Nice enough lady. Didn’t know he husband too good. He wasn’t home much.”
     “Ever hear or see the couple fight or argue.”
     “Yea. Heard some screaming and stuff. Loud, nothing physical. Not that I saw anyway. Except that one time, but that wasn’t Mrs. Clinton. I heard a big shouting match once between Mr. Clinton and Dr. Russo, but couldn’t make out any of the words.”
     “Anything else you can think of. Anyone who might want to hurt Mrs. — Martha Clinton.”
     “Naw man. She was an angel. Come to think of it, night before I left —“ Michael scratched his ear. “Would have been the 6Th or 7Th of July. Definitely after the 4Th. Anyway, Bella — that’s Martha’s best friend. Well, her husband came over and I heard him and Martha arguing, but not loud or nothing. Closed my window and couldn’t even hear sounds after that.”

Detective Coker didn’t get too much else from the tenant, but Michael did voluntarily turn over his cell phone for analysis.

Just then his phone rang. It was one of his deputies.
“Got some new info boss.”
“Go ahead.”
To sum it up, Detective Coker learned that:
  • Martha had indeed paid a visit to a divorce attorney, Mr. Eric Dupuis, who, of course, stood on attorney/client privilege and refused to even confirm that Martha was his client.

  • Michael Prejean had a record for possession with intent to distribute cocaine, heroin and prescription pain pills, and get this, he got a withhold of adjudication. For a serious drug felony. Wow. And his record was sealed. Dude must know someone with some major juice in Florida. Had to look into that.

  • Nurse Jenny Hebert had a recent arrest for obtaining prescription CDS by fraud. It wan’t in the system earlier because she hasn’t been arraigned. Out on a small bond.

  • IT guy confirms something very suspicious going on with text messages to and from Martha Clinton and Thomas Clinton and whoever made the text messages and sent them through another phone line would need some serious computer skills & experience. 

  • Thomas Clinton’s alibi witness for the night his wife was murdered, Angele Landry, is rumored to be his latest lover. Doorman at his apartment building in Baton Rouge puts them there together, but security video shows the husband leaving at 7:00 P.M, taking his car out of the garage and not returning until after 2:00 AM

  • GPS on husband’s car showed he traveled to New Orleans and to the home he and his wife share on the night of the murder, so he lied. But, GPS shows he also left the marital home by 8:00 PM and preliminary autopsy report list the time of death between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM

 Detective Coker makes a note to:
  • follow up with Michael Prejean’s girlfriend/not girlfriend, the nurse, Jenny. Get her drug file

  • Find out why Dr. Russo paid Martha Clinton a visit and why he argued with either Martha, her husband, Thomas or both. 

  • Check on Michael’s alibi in Florida. 

  • Find out about Michael’s drug arrest in Florida

  • Find out why Martha Clinton’s best friend’s husband paid her a visit and why they argued. Learn more about Daryl Kelly

  • Light a fire under someone’s ass. Get the damned DNA, Ballistics & Digital Forensic Reports expedited.

  • Get a judge to sing a warrant for the divorce lawyer to release his records pertaining to Martha Clinton. Surely, he can’t hide behind attorney/client privilege if the client is dead … can he?

Can you think of anything else the police should be doing?

Witness List:
  1. Martha Clinton — Victim (deceased) 28 year old married female, occupation: Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics; Employer, Dr. Zachory Russ
  2. Thomas Clinton — Husband of the deceased, Martha Clinton. 42 year old personal injury attorney at the law offices of Auld, Baker, Boudreaux,Clinton, & Richard & Associates, LLC
  3. Detective Wayne Coker — Lead homicide detective, Law enforcement officer (LEO) 64 Year old, Sgt., former Lt., but was demoted two years ago during an undisclosed New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) situation 
  4. Sam Watson — White/Male 38 years of age. Located victim’s body — placed 911 call. Claims to be a “very good friend of the victim,”other witnesses claim he is the disgruntled ex-lover of the victim. It appears he may have had a very different view of the relationship/affair with the victim than others.
  5. Dr.  Bowers, Chief Medical Examiner — Orleans Parish, Louisiana
  6. Annabelle Kelly — Best friend of victim, Martha Clinto
  7. Dr. Aiden Russo — pediatrician, victim, Martha Clinton’s employe
  8. Elisa Smith — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics
  9. Frances Cush — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics
  10. Jenny Hebert — Nurse at Crescent City Pediatrics
  11. Michael Prejean — Nurse  Jenny Hebert’s boyfriend, leases the garage apartment behind the Clinton’s home
  12. Eric Dupuis — Victim, Martha Clinton’s divorce attorney
  13. Angele Landry — Husband, Thomas Clinton’s legal assistant and rumored to be his latest girlfriend/lover
  14. Lance — NOPD Internet Tech Support
  15. Daryl Kelly — Annabelle Kelly’s husband

Today's Clue - Letter F - False Positive


Day 7 - Letter G

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Detective Coker received an anonymous tip that a white/ male, dirty blond hair, approximately 30 years of age was seen rummaging through the crime scene (home of the victim - Martha Clinton). Police arrived on scene and the unsub jumped into his White Ford Explorer and took off at a high rate of speed. The anonymous tip came from an unknown / burner cell phone.

Officers on the scene saw the unsub shoving unknown items into the car. Officers on scene confirmed that yellow tape still identified the area as a crime scene. Mr. Thomas Clinton was notified and denied any knowledge of the trespasser and claimed that neither he nor his late wife had any workmen, repairmen, or employees that should be on the premises.

Officers questioned the garage apartment tenant who claimed to have observed the man enter the garage and remain for approximately 20 min. He entered the garage empty handed and left with a blue gym style bag that appeared full. Tenant, Michael denied knowing the man's name or identity, but couldn't swear he had never seen the man before. It was possible that the man was a friend of the victim, but the tenant believes that if he ever saw the man before he doesn't think it was on the property. He acted rather vague and finally said that the man could possibly have been either an employee at Dr. Russo's clinic or possibly a friend of the nurse, Jenny, who worked at the clinic. That was all he would say and if the officer wanted to question him further, he believes it is time he spoke with a lawyer.

During a high speed chase of the suspect vehicle, Detective Coker was able to get close enough to successfully launch and land a new GPS Dart.

Today's Clue: Letter G Clue- Geofeedia 


Day 8 - Letter H

Detective Coker finally gets some results from the scientific evidence in his ongoing investigation. A preliminary DNA report confirms the presence of sperm from two contributors. One of the sperm contributors is Thomas Clinton, the victim's husband. No big help there. The presence or absence of the husband's sperm on the victim does nothing for his investigation at this point. But, the second sample was left by an unknown contributor. Unfortunately, the second sperm contributor is not in the system. This only means that the person who left the sperm has not been collared for a crime or otherwise provided a previous DNA sample that would remain in the system. The fact that the assailant left DNA will make the case a simple one to solve, once they have a suspect.  The medical Examiner reiterated his earlier statement that the bruises, rips, tears and other evidence is consistent with the victim being raped prior to her death.

They now have the blood type of the contributor of the second sperm sample. B Negative. The second person who had sexual relations with the victim has a rare blood type known as RH negative. This is law enforcements first big break. Only about 2-3% of the population have blood type B negative. This should help narrow the suspect pool, immensely. 

Second piece of evidence detective Coker received for the day: 
The tenant, Michael Prejean told Detective Coker that he specifically remembers his nurse "friend," Jenny, telling him that her boss, Dr. Russo had some really weird RH negative blood type. He specifically remembers the conversation because it occurred during a neighborhood blood drive and Jenny said that the doctor always donated blood, because of how rare and needed it was.

Is this information sufficient to compel Dr. Russo to provide a blood sample?

Todays Clue: Letter H - Heredity 


Day 9 - Letter I

Startling new development in the case:

A neighbor came forward to update her former witness statement. She now remembers seeing an attractive man with curly brown hair, smoking a cigarette and walking in the victim's driveway around 10:30 P.M., the night Martha was killed. She was shown a photo lineup, (a photo array of six photos) and she positively identified the tenant, Michael Prejean as the man she saw. Ordinarily, his presence would not mean much. After all he resides on the premises. But, Michael Prejean claims he was in Florida on the night Martha Clinton was killed.

Today's Clue: Letter I - Identical 


Day 10 - Letter J

Not a lot has happened in the current investigation. Detective Coker learned that the district attorney successfully obtained warrants for all electronic media devices belonging to or in the possession/custody or control of: Mr. Thomas Clinton (victim's husband). Any device that contains information related to and or concerning his legal practice will be submitted to the judge first for an in camera inspection. 

A warrant was also issued for the tenant, Mr. Michael Prejean's electronic media devices, including, but not limited to cell phones, smart phones, tablets, iPads, IPods, Kindles, Xbox, PlayStation or other gaming devices and all laptop and desktop computers.

A third warrant was issued for Mr. Michael Prejean to submit to a blood DNA test.

After, Dr. Russo refused to voluntarily submit to a blood DNA test, a warrant was issued for the doctor to submit to a blood DNA test.

A warrant was issued giving the police access to all of Mr. Thomas Clinton's financials: Bank statements and records, credit card statements and records and records of any other means of purchasing goods.

Today's Clue: Letter J - Junk Science


Day 11 - Letter K

Detective Coker received news from the medical examiner's office. While there is no doubt that Martha Clinton died as the result of a single gunshot wound inside of her mouth, a more thorough examination of the body indicates that the victim also suffered some puncture wounds consistent with  an unusual type of knife, with a thin tip. She suffered pin prick type wounds to her head and they were not immediately visible because of the gunshot wound and damage to her face and head area.
The medical examiner has been unable to pinpoint the exact type of knife used and the wounds are superficial enough so to have not been attributable to her death. If not for the gunshot wound, the knife cut or cuts would not have been sufficient to cause her death.

At first glance, the medical examiner believed the victim had possibly been stabbed with an ice pick and an ice pick has not been ruled out.
The medical examiner remained perplexed as to why a healthy young woman who was a triathlon competitor did not or was not able to put up more of a fight. See Preliminary Autopsy Report, paragraph (D) Lack of substantial defensive wounds.

The routine post mortem toxicology screen included the basic drugs normally tested: alcohol, analgesics, antidepressant, antihistamines, anti psychotics, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cardiovascular drugs, cocaine, narcotic analgesics, and stimulants.

Victim's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was well below the legal limit. Heroin was detected, but inconsistent with a known, frequent or habitual user. Her internal organs showed no signs of heroin abuse. The victim had no visible track or needle marks and none could be detected after a protracted search of her body and skin.  Opiate prescription narcotics present. However, none of the limits appeared sufficient to justify lack of defense wounds for a woman brutally raped and shot.

Detective Coker and the medical examiner tossed the idea around a few weeks back and determined that the most likely answer was that the victim had been drugged. They knew that another round of forensic toxicology test had to be conducted. They had already ruled out MDMA (ecstasy) as it was not present in the standard, routine screening. A second screening was ordered: Drugs not routinely screened for in deaths. This included barbiturates. designer drugs such as bath salts, Digoxin, GHB, and LSD. They also checked for several poisons and all came back negative.

They finally decided to have a sample of Martha Clinton's urine and a sample of her blood sent to a national forensic toxicology crime lab to be tested for the presence of Ketamine.

Bingo: Martha Clinton had a substantial amount of Ketamine in her body at the time of her death.

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic for human and veterinary use. The DEA reports that veterinary clinics are routinely being burglarized and the perpetrators are making off with large doses of the animal tranquilizer.

When used for its intended purpose, Ketamine is used in liquid or powder form as a tranquilizer or anesthetic for animals. It can be injected, heated to a liquid and added to a person's drink without their knowledge or consent. It is one of the date rape drugs on the rise in the U.S. It has become a go to rape drug because users experience a detached, out of body effect. This is referred to as "K-Hole." Because of the detached, dream like effect, users find it difficult to move and almost always experience complete amnesia after using the drug or having their drink spiked or laced with the drug. Short and long term effects include rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, nausea, vomitting, hallucinations, numbness and complete lack of control over the body, physical incapacitation, loss of physical coordination, paralysis or the feeling of being paralyzed.

Some users report that the experience is similar to PCP or LSD.

Preliminary Forensic Toxicology Report Confirms Presence of Ketamine in Victim's Body 

Today's Clue: Letter K -Kidney


Day 12 - Letter L

Detective Wayne Coker is dancing in the streets ... and dancing as close as he can to the cell phone towers and surveillance vans. He has hit the mother-load. The NOPD just invested a million dollars into the newest Cell Phone Spying Equipment - The Stingray.

Now his tech team can use their new stingray and masquerade as a cell phone tower and legally tap into cell phone data in real time. Detective Coker feels like he's joined the NSA or the CIA. The damned assistant district attorney wants him to wait on a warrant. Not happening. We don't need a warrant. The law has been permitting law enforcement to access cell phone data for years without warrants.

This is amazing. He will intercept all cell phone data in real time as it is happening. They are set up to monitor all cell phones belonging to the husband, Thomas Clinton, the tenant, Michael Prejean, the victim's jilted lover, Sam Watson and the victim's former employer, Dr. Russo.

Badda Badda Bing! He'll soon know which one of those suckers is the biggest liar. Who killed Martha? Who is selling drugs? Man, this is gonna be better than payday. They will soon be in position with their tip-top-secret-cell-phone-spying-device.

This is nothing like tower dumps or getting cell phone logs or numbers called or GPS positions. This is the real deal. Real time. Real life. Live. The stingray will trick the cell phone users into believing they are actually cell phone towers. We can listen in to real conversations in real time. We can watch the user type the text message. View all their photos, calendars, notebooks. It's all fair game. Nothing is off limits

How does the stingray work? Cell phones are constantly seeking a tower, even when they are not in use. That's the brilliant part. They will seek a tower and we will be masquerading as a tower with our Stingray and the cell phone users will actually be connecting with us. Then the data will be relayed to one of our laptops and the information is ours.

Today's Clue: Letter L -


Day 13 - Letter M

It is time for Detective Coker and his team to assemble and go through all the evidence they have gathered so farThey need to reexamine all witness statements, confirm or break alibis, comb though all the evidence they have obtained from cell phones and other electronic devicesStudy the victim and other players social media activityExamine all financial recordsStudy the criminal history of all potential suspectsThey need to compare the DNA resultsReview the ballistics report that should be out today or tomorrowCheck the test fire of the weaponRe-examine fingerprintsRe canvas the neighborhood.Re-examine all physical evidence, all circumstantial evidence, all direct and indirect evidence.

They have quite a bit of physical evidence and witness statements to go throughIt might take them a couple or a few daysThey have to inspect the new evidence they have obtained as a result of their Stingray operation

The homicide investigation team, lead by Detective Wayne Coker will meet today and begin sifting through the Murder Book.

Detective Coker will share his initial thoughts with those of your playing along.
  1. Martha was stabbed, drugged, raped and shot
  2. The first suspect is always the husbandHis alibi is shaky, he was having an affair and his wife wanted a divorce.
  3. The person who “finds” the body is always suspect, unless & until he/she can be eliminatedSam Watson, according to most witnesses was a jilted lover and his behavior bordered on stalkingHe found Martha’s body, with a gun in her handShe could not have killed herselfHis activity and statements are suspicious and he is clearly a person of interest
  4. The tenant, Michael Prejean is hiding somethingSo far Detective Coker has been unable to confirm that he was in Florida at the time of the murder and there is one witness who identified Michael from a photo line up that places him in New Orleans shortly before the murder.But, why did the witness wait so long to come forward? Detective Coker needs more.
  5. The victim was rumored to have been engaged in an affair with her employer, DrRussoDrRusso’s refusal to voluntarily turn over cell phone and refusal to voluntarily submit to a blood DNA test adds to detective Coker’s suspicion of Russo.
  6. There is something suspicious about Nurse Jenny
  7. Annabelle Kelly’s husband initially refused to provide a DNA sample. He finally agreed to voluntarily submit to a blood DNA testResults not backHe is rumored to have been romantically involved with the victim
  8. Detective Coker is not willing to rule out a woman as the shooter. Not at this time
  9. The presence of sperm and the signs of rape indicate a man committed this heinous crime.
  10. However, they have no reason to rule out two co-conspirators committing the crime.
  11. Detective Coker has sent the note —  allegedly left by the husband,ThomasClinton, to the crime lab for a questioned documents expert and a hand writing exemplar to compare the note to Mr.Clinton’s known handwriting sampleIf, Mr.Clinton did not go home prior to his wife’s murder, as he claims, when did he write the note to his wife that told her he would be playing basketball and to not wait upWas this note a rouse? A countermeasure to throw the police off him as suspect? Why write the note if he was never there?Did he write it at some other time and place it there.?
  12. Does the husband have an accomplice, perhaps his legal assistant, who placed the note in the home?
  13. Whose DNA is on the freshly smoked cigarette butts located so close to the body?
  14. Why was a .38 placed in the victim’s hand when she was clearly killed with a much smaller caliber weapon? Someone initially wanted the police to believe she committed suicide
  15. Who stands to gain from her death? Who had the biggest motive to kill MarthaClinton?
  16. Who had the means?
  17. Who had the opportunity

  18. Finally, his biggest question. 

  19. Do we rule out the husband as a suspect simply because the victim’s body was found with the presence of sperm from two different men?
  20.  On first look, the way a lawyer might want it to look, it would appear that Thomas Clinton had consensual sex with his wife and then later that day or the following day, someone else had sex (most likely non consensual sexand after raping the victim, this second person then killed her
  1. But … DetectiveCoker’s mind is spinning.
  2.  He’s not close to letting the husband off the hook.
  3.  Couldn’t it just as easily have occurred in reverse order? Martha Clinton had consensual sexual relations with someone, a lover, a boyfriend, a one nightstand, or even a strangerHer husband then takes advantage of this act and drugs his wife so she can’t fight back, rapes her and makes the attack so brutal that no one would suspect a husband could do that to his wifeThen he kills her

  4. Has he committed the perfect crime, knowing that there will be a logical explanation for the presence of his sperm? 
  5. Coker needs to toss all possibilities around in the battle room.
  6.  They will lock themselves in with some strong coffee, order Pizza or Wings and get down to work

{I apologize for all the crazy numbers -- my blog won't let me delete them. Anyone know what I am doing wrong}

Today’s ClueLetter M -myeloid


Day 14 - Letter N

We all know that detective Coker has been waiting for the criminal history rap sheets to come back on all the potential suspects and witnesses in the Martha Clinton murder case.

Detective Coker's been scrolling through the first round of NCIC rap sheets he obtained. Interesting reading so far.

Jenny the nurse has a conviction for obtaining prescription drugs by fraud. Michael Prejean has some charges down in Florida for drugs, but the NCIC rap sheet doesn't show a disposition. That's not uncommon for a rap sheet.  So, he's going to do some old time police work and get on the phone and start calling the Florida clerks offices, arresting agencies and the district attorney's office and get to the bottom of Michael Prejean's criminal record. He also has an alias, so this might be worth looking into. He will need to obtain a copy of Michael Prejean's FCIC Rap sheet under his current name and his alias.

But, that's not what threw him for a loop.

Dr. Russo has a conviction in another state for Necrophilia. In case you are wondering, Necrophilia is the sexual attraction or sexual contact with a corpse.
Gross. Yuck! Macabre. Morbid. What kind of man has sex with dead people? Dr. Russo seemed like such a normal man. An attractive, married doctor, no less. What the hell was Martha Clinton doing with a freak like Russo? Well, Coker hasn't confirmed the affair between Dr. Russo and the victim.

 Time to look at this messed up doc from a whole new angle. Detective Coker almost missed the conviction because ...

 Get this ...

Necrophilia isn't illegal in Louisiana.

Shit. That means they really need to look hard into Dr. Russo's background. No telling what kind of sick and kinky crap he's been into in Louisiana and just never been charged.

Today's Clue: Letter N - Nullomers


Day 15 - Letter O

Obtaining Prescription by Fraud

Detective Coker and his team of investigators continue sifting through the NCIC Rap sheets of all witnesses and suspects in the Martha Clinton Murder Case.

Drugs, drug, drugs. Coker begins to recognize a common theme among the major players in this scenario: Drugs

NCIC Rap Sheets of interest so far:

Nurse Jenny Hebert has a 2011 conviction for obtaining CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance)by fraud. Detective Coker pulled her arrest jacket and studied the pertinent facts. Jenny Hebert was working for her current employer, Dr. Aiden Russo at the time. She forged prescriptions from his prescription pad and she called in prescriptions, using Dr. Russo's DEA number. All prescriptions were for narcotics, namely opiate pain prescription medication, to wit: Oxycontin

Nurse Jenny Hebert: 2009 Possession of Heroin

Detective Coker and his investigators are stunned to learn that Dr. Russo didn't fire Jenny. The real shocker was that the victim, Martha Clinton was originally charged as a co-defendant with Jenny, but Jenny made a statement to the police indicating that Martha Clinton had nothing to do with the crime and that she, Jenny Hebert acted alone. After completing a drug court, pre-trial intervention (PTI) program, and successfully completing a 30 day stint in a drug and alcohol rehab designed for professionals, namely nurses, doctors and other medical professionals, Jenny Hebert returned to her job as a nurse for Dr. Russo.

Nurse Frances Cush: 2011 Possession with intent to distribute schedule 11 narcotics, to wit: Oxycontin

Thomas Clinton: 2013 Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery upon his wife, Martha Clinton. Pled down to misdemeanor battery

Dr. Aiden Russo: Colorado, 2008 Conviction of Necrophilia; 2010 Lewd act; 2013 peeping tom 

Samuel Watson: 2014 Stalking, 2012 Harassing Phone Calls, 2011 Battery, 2011, Violation of Protection order, 2008 Sexual Battery - pled down to simple battery

Michael Prejean: Florida record conviction of drugs, sealed record. Detective Coker still unable to gain access to Micheal Prejean's sealed records in Florida. Louisiana, 2013 DWI

Dr. Daryl Kelly: 2013 Illegal dispersion of CDS - lost his medical license.

Holy Shit. The victim's best friend, Annabelle Kelly's husband, Daryl Kelly was a doctor who lost his medical license and wait ... there's more. He is the former partner of Dr. Russo. He left the pediatric clinic in 2012, facts and circumstances of his departure unknown at this time, but he opened his own small cosmetic surgery clinic. No surgeries ever performed as he is not a surgeon. His practice consisted entirely of Botox and Juvederm injections.

*** New *** I have added a separate page to help those of you who are following along with the Martha Clinton murder mystery challenge. 

Click on the idea bank page of my blog. It is also located at the very top in the navigation bar. I have compiled a complete list of all witnesses and potential suspects thus far and a list of the daily clues.

Today's Clue: Letter O - Operation


Day 16 - Letter P

We knew this was coming. The police did not have a warrant when they used their Stingray Cell Phone Spying Equipment and several lawyers have filed motions to suppress all cell phone data obtained as a result of the unlawful searches.

However, pursuant to the Stingray operations, the police learned the following:

Michael Prejean lied. He was not in Florida on the day that Martha Clinton was murdered. His cell phone places him right here in New Orleans on the day Martha was killed.

Dr. Russo sent text messages to the victim on the day she was killed and she replied to one of his messages. The messages read as follows:

                 Dr. Russo: (7:01 P.M) Think about it Martha. Don’t do anything stupid. 
Dr Russo: (7:51 P.M) Answer me damn it.
Dr. Russo (7:53 P.M) You’re not so innocent 
Martha Clinton to Dr. Russo (8:00) Stop harassing me

Dr. Russo: (8:01 P.M) You know what happens to people who cross me

Dr. Daryl Kelly's cell data shows that he made 3 calls to the victim within an hour of her death. None of the calls lasted more than 1 minute

Dr. Daryl Kelly said that he had not seen the victim for weeks prior to her death, but his cell phone shows that he was on her street at 10:00 P.M on the night she died.



Day 17 - Letter Q

In our Crime Fiction Murder Mystery, you may remember that the police found a note allegedly left by the victim's husband, telling the victim not to wait up for him that he was playing basketball. Detective Coker thought this quite odd, since Thomas Clinton claims he never went home after work on the day his wife was killed. Detective Coker sent the note to the crime lab for analysis by a questioned document expert and it turns out that Thomas Clinton did not author the note left for his wife that had his signature as the author.



Day 18 - Letter R

Let's take a look at what is happening with Detective Coker and our A to Z Crime Fiction Murder Mystery

Evidence & Case Analysis Update:

Thomas Clinton has been going bat shit crazy, demanding the release of his wife's personal effects, but Detective Coker has repeatedly told him that anything on the victim's body at the time of her death is considered evidence and will not be released until the case is solved and prosecuted. 
Thomas knows this. After all, he is a lawyer. 
He finally broke down and told Detective Coker that he really just wants the engagement ring his wife wore on her left ring finger. 
Apparently it is a 5 carat flawless (F) emerald cut diamond ring, according to the insurance form he presented to Detective Coker, a flawless diamond is extremely rare. 
Martha's diamond fell under the letter D for color in the four C's. 
The 5 carat emerald cut diamond ring also had .5 carat baguettes on each side. 
The diamond is a Harry Winston diamond set in platinum and according the the insurance policy it is valued at and insured for more money than Detective Coker will make in his lifetime. 
Thomas Clinton claims the diamond is a 5th generation family heirloom and he would like for it to be returned to him immediately.
 He proposed that the officers take photographs of the diamond ring for evidentiary purposes.

The glitch .... Detective Coker doesn't remember any such ring. 
He checked though the evidence inventory and spoke to all police officers and CSI techs and employees at the morgue, all deny ever seeing a ring on the victim's finger.

The evidence inventory sheet for the victim's body shows:

one gold and platinum Rolex watch
 one platinum diamond wedding band
 one sapphire cocktail ring 
one five dollar bill in the front pant pocket

This might change the direction of the investigation.

If, Martha Clinton was in fact wearing this expensive diamond engagement ring at the time she was killed and the perpetrator took the ring from the victim, he committed the crime of robbery
Robbery is another crime that would allow the district attorney to charge the suspect with first degree murder as opposed to second degree murder. 
If the suspect killed Martha Clinton, during the commission or attempted commission of one of the enumerated felony offenses (Rape & Robbery) both included, then the DA will be going for the death penalty once they arrest the offender.

Or ...

Detective Coker, being the person he is,  finds it difficult to trust people at face value ... his mind is always considering the more cynical theories of the crime.

Maybe ...

Thomas Clinton, being in financial trouble ... knows that if his wife divorces him he will suffer a severe financial set back. 
He has a girlfriend. 
He doesn't want his wife, but he can't afford a messy divorce. 

Perhaps ...

Thomas Clinton killed his wife and stole the engagement ring from her finger.

Why would he do this?

To add credibility to the theory that someone other than the husband killed the wife

and ...

He could make a shit load of money by filing a theft claim with his insurance company. 
He has the ring insured for over half a million dollars.

If this was a robbery that ended in murder, why didn't the suspect also take Martha's other valuable jewelry? 
Just because the other jewelry was not taken ... in and of itself doesn't prove anything.
 A variety of factors could have prevented the killer from taking the other jewelry. 
A car drove by. 
The killer was in a hurry and became spooked when he saw a person walking toward the garage apartment. 
The killer might have known the significance of the ring and decided to take only that ring in an effort to cast suspicion on the husband, Thomas Clinton. 
Detective Coker has a lot of new information to consider and investigate. 
If this was a robbery/murder, chances are the killer will make an effort to fence or pawn the ring. 
A ring that valuable and that distinctive shouldn't be hard to track down on the black market.

Why didn't Thomas Clinton mention the ring as soon as he learned of his wife's death?
 He could have been so distraught over his wife's murder that he wasn't thinking about her jewelry. 
Or, he may have taken the ring. 
If he took the ring and makes an insurance claim for the ring, he certainly can't give it to his girlfriend or even keep it. 
He would need to get rid of it. 
If someone is found to be in possession of said ring, they would look very guilty in the eyes of the law. 
Detective Coker put in a request for 24 hour surveillance on Thomas Clinton. 
If he has that ring, Detective Coker intends to nail him with it. 
Clinton is a lawyer and Coker hates lawyers and he is anticipating Clinton's next move. Coker is willing to bet that Thomas Clinton will soon publicly accuse the police or an agent of the police of taking the ring.

Detective Coker intends to have Thomas Clinton walk though the family home with him ... again. 
This time searching for any other missing items.
 Did a burglary also occur on the night Martha Clinton was killed?

  • Today's Clue - Two Clues Today: Letter R - Replication and Rejection


Day 19 - Letter S

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Do you remember back in week one of the challenge, when our lead investigator obtained cell phone records for the cell phone belonging to the victim, Martha Clinton? He thought he caught an early break and that the case would be a cinch to solve. I mean there it was in black and white. 

Threatening messages on the victim's cell phone from her husband, Thomas Clinton. Thomas, of course denied sending the threatening messages, but Detective Coker didn't believe a word he said. Coker surmised that the evidence doesn't lie. Well, Thomas kept insisting he didn't send a threatening message and his lawyer got involved and the next thing you know the cops and the IT department and the digital forensic experts began combing through all mobile devices belonging to both Thomas and Martha Clinton. I'll be damned, if it doesn't look like the husband was telling the truth, about this issue, anyway.

Weeks have passed and the IT department and even the well trained and educated digital forensic experts have been putting in loads of overtime trying to solve this mystery. They finally sent the phones and the records off to the FBI lab in Quantico, but no one has been able to solve this mystery. 

That is until ... Special Agent Joseph Marone's teenage daughter visited him in the lab. For the sixteen year old girl it was a no brainier and it took her all of five minutes to conclude that someone must be using a spoof card.

Where do they go from here? How many of you suspected something like a spoof card? Ever heard of a spoof card? Do you think they should be legal or illegal?

Wait until you read my next few post and learn some of the other more intrusive tricks a person can play on you with a spoof card. You might change your mind.

The DNA results are expected back tomorrow. We should be able to start narrowing down the suspect pool.

Today's Clue - Letter S - Semen


Day 20 - Letter T: Trace Evidence

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

     DNA is back and I will go into it in further detail with my letter U post, which will be a complete breakdown of all physical evidence in the Martha Clinton murder case.             

For today, let’s concentrate on Trace Evidence, specifically hair found on the victim’s body, believed to have been left by her killer.

 Martha Clinton’s autopsy confirmed the presence of brown hair, in and around the victim’s vaginal area and the victim was clutching strands of hair in her palm when she died. Preliminary tests concluded that the hair does not belong to the victim. 

Tests confirm the hair is:
  • Human
  • Brown in color
  • Male
  • Caucasian 
  • Hair in Victim’s hand = Hair from a person’s head. Hair found in vaginal area determined to be pubic hair

Thomas Clinton’s pubic hair was not a match and he has been eliminated as the contributor of the pubic hair, but he has not been eliminated as a suspect.

Detective Coker intends to ask the following persons of interest to voluntarily submit to a hair and hair follicle test, whereby several strands of the hair on their heads and several strands of their pubic hair will be collected from their persons then sent to the crime lab for a comparison analysis with the known hair. If any of the following refuse, then Detective Coker believes he has sufficient probable cause to get a warrant compelling the individuals to submit to a hair follicle test.
Hair Sample Needed From The Following:
  1. Dr. Daryl Kelly
  2. Michael Prejean
  3. Dr. Daryl Kelly
  4. Samuel Watson
For an updated case analysis of the Martha Clinton homicide, for the crime fiction murder mystery, click on the Legal Fiction page of my blog.

Visit the Idea Page of my blog for a complete list of witnesses, links to each of my A to Z post that contain clues to solving the mystery and a list of each daily clue according to the letter of the day.

Question: Is Detective Coker experiencing what we call tunnel vision in this case? Has he predetermined that the killer is male, because of the presence of semen and pubic hair? Police have been known to develop a theory and once they are convinced of their theory of the crime, the put blinders on and often ignore relevant evidence that points in an entirely different direction? It seems that Coker has ruled out the possibility that a woman killed Martha Clinton? 

What do you think? Have you ruled out a female killer? Isn't it possible that Martha Clinton had consensual sex with both her husband and a lover or even a stranger, close to the time of her death, but neither of her sexual partners killed her? Is is possible that a female friend or foe came along later and shot her.

You might want to reexamine Means, Motive & Opportunity before rendering your verdict. Remember the winner, the first person to solve the murder wins a Kindle Fire 

Today's Clue: Letter T - Twin Defense/Transplant


Day 21 - Letter U

"Why the hell didn't we learn about this sooner?" Detective Coker is pissed off.

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

No wonder their rap sheets were hidden so deep it took Detective Coker weeks to get his hands on them and what he read didn't add up. How could drug dealing nurses still hold a license and be practicing in a pediatric clinic?

Nurse Jenny Hebert & Nurse Frances Cush are both U/C  ... that stands for undercover. They are police officers working undercover. Too bad neither vice nor the feds, DEA would give anything up. Special agent in charge claimed that it would jeopardize an ongoing, four year, deep, undercover investigation into the manufacturing & distribution of narcotics. On top of that, several local doctors and doctors in Florida are the targets of a major undercover operation. So, Detective Coker has been ordered to do nothing to jeopardize the cover of the two women police officers.

He is baffled. Who the hell is the target and what does the drug investigation have to do with his homicide?

Today's Clue: Letter U - Urine

Day 22 - Letter V

Verdict, Verify & Validate

     Detective Coker brought Sam Watson in for an interview, interrogation. Since he discovered the body and found the gun in the victim’s hand, the police wanted to take a closer look at him. The GPS Dart was recovered and the car seen fleeing the scene of Martha’s Clinton’s home, days after the murder is registered to Sam Watson, but Sam claims he was not driving his car that night. He loaned it to his brother, Saul.

     While the official ballistics report is not back, a preliminary report verifies that the victim was not shot with the Smith and Wesson .38 caliber handgun that was found in her hand. She was likely killed with something less powerful, a .22 is the likely murder weapon. So where is the murder weapon and why did she have a different gun in her hand.

     Someone obviously put the gun in the woman’s hand after she was killed to make it look like a suicide or for some other reason. The .38 has not been traced to an owner, however, the gun found in her hand has been linked to two unsolved homicides. Detective Coker re- interviewed the leading suspect in one of those unsolved homicide cases. Mr. Tyrone Mitchell, of course denies any knowledge of any homicide, but did reluctantly pose a hypothetical to the detective. Mitchell claims that hypothetically, if he ever possessed a gun, that gun disappeared over a year ago and he believes his girlfriend stole the gun. His girlfriend’s name at the time, was Pam Robinson.

Detective Coker interviewed Pam Robinson who denied ever possessing a gun. But, Coker gained some interesting information from the interview. At the time Pam dated Tyrone, she had a roommate who shared her apartment in the French Quarter. Her roommate’s name was, Elisa Smith. Coker was unable to find Smith, but plans to visit her place of employment tomorrow. According to Pam Robinson, Elisa Smith had a boyfriend by the name of Sam. Sam worked as a pharmaceutical rep. 

Handwriting analyses is back and Thomas Clinton did not write the note left for his wife in their home. The expert compared the note to a shopping list taken from the tenant’s apartment and it is an exact match. Michael Prejean wrote the note. Of course he swears he was in Florida as the time.

Detective Coker interviewed Dr. Daryl Kelly who denied fighting with the victim, but admitted to stopping by their home on numerous occasions to collect gambling debts from Thomas Clinton. It seems Clinton doesn’t just frequent the casinos, but he bets big with a bookie and he also plays the ponies. Kelly used to own some racehorses, back when he was in Vet school. He dropped out of Vet school when he got into med school. Anyway, according to Kelly, at times Thomas Clinton owed bookies over a hundred grand for his horse track betting and football betting.

Dr. Russo admitted arguing with Thomas, but claimed it was over the way he treated and abused his wife. Their argument turned physical on one occasion, but that was a long time before Martha was killed.

Detective Coker spoke with Michael Prejean’s mother over the telephone. She was at her home in Tampa, Florida and insisted that Michael was with her on July 9, 2014. When Detective Coker told her that they have been able to positively place Michael in New Orleans at the time of the murder and that she might be charged with a felony offense if she continues to lie, she didn’t answer. Coker informed her that they collected fresh cigarette butts with Michael’s DNA and that a witness places him at the scene, she backed off her story a little bit and said that he was in Florida, but she cannot be absolute certain what time he left on July 9th, to return home to New Orleans. 

     “I know he fed and washed the horses. He gave two of them a good workout, so he didn’t leave too early and it’s a ten hour drive at least. No I don’t think he could possibly have made it back to New Orleans by the time that poor woman died. Plus he was so fond of her. Michael would never kill anyone. He loves animals, kids and old people. He’s a good man.”
      However she jumped all over Coker and insisted he made a mistake. She was adamant that Michael is a non smoker and said that Coker better remove that lie from any official documents or he would ruin everything for Michael. When Coker asked her to elaborate she said she was retaining her own attorney and hung up the line

DNA Analysis is back:

Semen found on Martha Clinton belonged to two separate individuals. 
(1) Her husband, Thomas Clinton, no big surprise there, but Coker is not willing to rule him out. He could have raped and killed her after she had consensual sex with someone else 

(2) An unknown male contributor with B- Blood Type, who is not in the system

Damn! Detective Coker thought the semen would match one of the suspects, one of the men who either voluntarily gave blood for a DNA sample or were compelled to give blood, pursuant to the warrant. But no. Hell no. Nothing can ever be easy.

The lab compared the semen found on Martha to the blood taken from:
(1) Michael Prejean
(2) Sam Watson
(3) Daryl Kelly
(4) Dr. Aiden Russo

Nothing! No match. None of the potential suspects’ blood was a DNA match to the semen found on the victim

Is it possible she had consensual sex with someone else and one of the above four men or her husband killed her? Coker has never been so frustrated about a homicide case

And how will they ever find out who used the spoof card to send the threatening messages to the victim from her husband’s cell phone

Coker obtained a few more leads, he just needs to figure out what they all mean.

Michael Prejean’s DNA was in fact found on all 17 cigarette butts located close the the body. The crime lab is still analyzing the cigarette butts — looking for a way to determine how old they are. The first officer on the scene swears one of the cigarette butts was still smoldering, as if recently tossed in the grass or gravel.

He discovered that according to the husband’s GPS on his vehicle, he not only left the family home shortly before his wife was murdered, but his car sat, stationary, in their subdivision. Why? He can’t ask Thomas because he lawyered up, but with GPS showing him within a mile of his home at the time of his wive’s death, Coker is more unwilling than ever to rule him out. He could have jogged home and killed his wife and sprinted back to his car. Or was someone else driving his car.

Coker needed a drink. He had to let all this new information simmer in his head.

Who killed Martha Clinton. Thomas buried his head on the bar and ordered another round. He came up empty today. No verdict on who killed her, not for Coker, not yet.

You can view an update case analysis by clicking on the Legal Fiction page of my blog.

Visit my Idea Bank page on my blog for an updated witness list and a list of all the daily letter clues.

Today's Clue: Letter V - Vasectomy  


Day 23 - Letter W

What's Happening with the Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Aha, a big break in the case: On a hunch, Detective Coker had the crime lab test the gun found in Martha's hand for DNA. He struck out with any valuable prints, but DNA from sweat was recovered from the .38 found in the victim's hand and it matches her husband, Thomas Clinton

Detective Coker interviewed nurse Elisa Smith from the pediatric clinic and she admitted being former roommates with Pam Robinson, but denied stealing, borrowing, or ever seeing a gun. Coker followed Elisa Smith when she took an urgent break, immediately following their conversation. She drove to a remote area between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and Coker witnessed a meeting between Elisa Smith and Thomas Clinton. He also observed them embracing, hugging and kissing.

On another note:

The mystery witness who came forward some nine days after the murder and reported seeing a man at the victim's home on the night of the crime, contacted Detective Coker to recant her statement. She claims she was mistaken about the date and she also wanted to withdraw her photo identification of Michael Prejean as the person she observed. Detective Coker asked her to come into the police station, but she refused. He has asked the judge to issue a material witness warrant for the woman as he is certain she is the victim of witness tampering. He believes that someone has threatened, bribed or coerced her into recanting her earlier statement.

After reviewing the case file, Detective Coker recalled someone informing him that Dr. Russo has a rare negative blood type. In fact he does have a negative blood type, but not one of the rarest blood types. He got to thinking and has put in a call to the medical examiner. He needs to find out if there is a way that someone could fake or alter their blood test when they submit to a blood DNA test. 

He seems to recall watching one of those forensics or true crime television shows where a dentist was accused of rape and his blood DNA was not a match. Years later the police discovered the dentist surgically implanted someone else's blood into his arm for the purpose of the blood DNA test. Coker researched the case and discovered that the dentist implanted a drain filled with another man's blood and anticoagulants in his arm and tricked the lab tech into taking the blood sample from the place where the tube was inserted. 

Crazy huh? 

The man's name was John Sheenberger and he escaped prosecution for nearly a decade.

Shit. Coker might have to re-test all of the suspects.

Meanwhile Detective Coker began studying the content of Michael Prejean's travel blog. Nothing too interesting. The dude visited a lot of third world countries. One of his post intrigued Detective Coker.
It was titled:

This Little Kidney Went To Market: 

The blog post was more of a diary of the Prejean's journey to find a kidney and how he obtained a kidney transplant from a doctor referred to as Dr. Frankenstein, because he allegedly purchases kidneys from poor Moldovians and transfers them to wealthy patrons. Micheal Prejean apparently, was finally able to secure a much needed kidney. He traveled to Turkey for the operation and comments on his blog chastised him and blamed him for participating in the booming business of illegal kidney transplants. Interesting read, but Coker has more important issues, right here in the good ole U S of A. He bookmarked the weirdo's blog for later reading.
Still no luck locating the missing ring. Thomas Clinton maintains his story that he never thought about the ring on the night his wife died because he was under such severe emotional distress.

Do ya believe that one? Oh, yea ... forgot about my half million dollar ring.
Just slipped my mind.
Coker realized he doesn't like the slime ball, ass-wipe husband and he needs to temper his disdain so it doesn't negatively and erroneously impact his investigation.

Just as Detective Coker was leaving for the day a woman with a black eye entered the police station claiming to have information on the Martha Clinton murder. The witness's name is Rose DeSimone and she said she was coming forward to report that she believes Martha may have been killed by someone in mafia because of the outstanding gambling debts her husband owed. The hit might have been meant for Thomas or maybe his wife was killed as a warning. When asked if she had any proof to back up her story, she clammed up and darted out of the station. Detective Coker did a quick background check and discovered that Rose DeSimon is the girlfriend of the married mob boss, Frank Mondello. Mondello is a silent partner/owner of three of the casinos in Louisiana, part owner of Louisiana Downs Racetrack in Bossier City, La., and owner of thirty - one truck stops that have video poker machines.

 His jacket says he is a known bookmaker and has been collared three times for illegal bookmaking. He is the suspect in more than a dozen homicides, but no one has ever been willing to testify against him.

Detective Coker made a few unsuccessful attempts to call Mondello before heading out to find the mob boss. 

Their conversation was brief.

Det. Coker: "Do you know a Thomas Clinton."

Frank Mondello: "Can't say I do."

Det. Coker: "Word is you had his wife whacked because of his gambling debts."

Frank Mondello: "First of all, I ain't into taking bets. Second. I ain't involved in organized crime like you bozos seem to think. Third, if I was connected, we don't off women."

Det. Coker. "Nice story. So, you admit it wouldn't be outside the realm of business ... of a bookie ... in that line of business ...  who just happened to be connected, to um ... put a contract on the deadbeat gambler's head. Am I hearing you, right?"

Mondello: "You ain't too bright for a detective. Not saying I know nothing about the business ... cause I don't. But, hey I watch the Sopranos. And you's know what ? Dead men pay no debts. Now get the hell out of my store."

He had a point. Why kill Thomas?  He would never get his money. Kill the wife. That might scare him into paying. Coker didn't buy it, but made a note to check with the feds who have Mondello under twenty - four hour surveillance. But, he couldn't figure out why the girlfriend bothered to come in with this story in the first place. Weird. This case is full of weird shit.

Today's Clue: Letter W - Warrant


Day 24 - Letter X

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Detective Coker spent the last 48 hours reading Michael Prejean's travel blog. He read his posts over and over. He tried to make sense of his weird travel itinerary. It seems Michael traveled to Texas for a kidney transplant and he was turned down because he was a smoker. He also traveled to India.

Detective Coker tried speaking to Prejean's mom again, but all he got out of her was that her baby boy would soon need another transplant because this one was failing and it was all her fault because she wasn't a match. Detective Coker remembered the man's blog and asked if she was referring to his kidney transplant and Prejean's mom began crying and said.

      "No, you dumbass cop, I'm talking about his bone marrow transplant."

Then she once again hung up on him.

Just as Detective Coker expected, Thomas Clinton filed an insurance claim for half a million bucks for his wife's stolen engagement ring.

Detetive Coker attempted to interview Dr. Russo, but he received word from the Chief of detectives that his presence was needed immediately. He walked into an ambush when he entered the Chief of D's office. Several special agents from the FBI and DEA were all present and Coker was ordered, then threatened with his job, to back off Dr. Russo. He was instructed not to interview anyone who worked at the pediatric clinic.

Frustrated, he headed to Sam Watson's house for a surprise interview, but the surprise was on him. Ten minutes into the conversation, the man Coker was questioning burst out laughing and explained that his name was Saul ... 

     "I'm Sam's identical twin. had ya going there for a minute, didn't I?"

Coker wanted to bash his skull in, but he refrained.

Meanwhile a custody/paternity case in Texas, shed new light on Martha's murder. A man, Brian Sepulvado gave a DNA sample in the paternity case and his DNA somehow ended up in  CODIS.

CODIS is the Combined DNA Index System and once Sepulavdo's DNA was entered into CODIS  a late hit came through alerting Coker that there was now a match in his Martha Clinton rape/homicide case. There was a positive match from the unknown semen contributor in the Clinton case to this Sepulvado.

WTF? No way.

Coker's hapiness was short-lived, however, when a records check confirmed that Sepulvado had an airtight,  rock solid alibi. He had been arrested, late in the afternoon on July 9th, at a political rally, and didn't make bail until the early morning of July 10th.

How can this be? How can we finally have a match ... but ...  the DNA contributor could not possibly have been in two places at one time.

Before calling it a night, Detective Coker received a call on his private cell, a number only three people had access to. The caller identified himself as Frank Mondello and suggested that Detective Coker meet him for a coffee. Now that's weird, Coker thought. How did the gangster get my number. What the hell, he agreed to meet him.

Mondello began by patting Coker down for a wire. He then offered the following information.

     "The husband didn't kill his wife. Don't ask me to ever confirm this. But, you can take my word for it. He didn't kill the wife. He found her dead and took the ring because he was into some scary people ... again, don't ask me who ... for a lot of money. And that's all I've got to say."

Coker walked away. Almost ready to throw in the towel. He called the crime lab and asked if there was anyway to get prints or DNA off coins, like quarters.

So, have we eliminated any suspects. Did you find any exculpatory evidence which tends to exonerate any of the suspects.

Who killed Martha Clinton? Only two letters left.

Today's Clue - Letter X - Xerox


Day 25 - Letter Y

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Sam & Elisa were spotted in Yolet France. Did Sam kill Martha and then abscond with Elisa?

A xeroxed copy of Martha Clinton's diary was seen in Michael Prejean's apartment, but Michael covered the content with his hand once he noticed Detective Coker eyeballing it.

What was that weird word that the freaky twin brother said to him. Chimney. No ... what the hell was it? What had the frezkazoid said? It sounded like something you would order at a Mexican restaurant. Chimichanga? No. Damn it, what was that word.

Coker, scratched his head, squeezed his eyes closed tight and replayed the conversation he'd had with Saul, pretending to be Sam. It was after he admitted he was Saul, the twin. He'd said ... it's coming to me.
     Saul said, "Guess you never heard of a chimera, then?"

Chimera. That's the word. What the hell is a chimera? Detective Coker got busy doing research and came across the most bizarre case, One Person, Two Sets of DNA, The Strange Case of the Human Chimera.

What was Sam Watson's blood type?

Detective Coker spoke to the husband who admitted he arrived home and found his wife's dead body.
     "There was nothing I could do. She was dead. I swear. I didn't kill her. You have to believe me. No, I did not put a gun in her hand. Why would I do something so stupid. I didn't want her death ruled a suicide. Then her life insurance wouldn't pay off. I am desperate for money. I owe money to the mafia and I have to come up with it fast. That's why I took the ring off her finger. She was dead. What would be the point of burying her with that ring. It's a family heirloom. It's mine. So technically, I didn't steal it. I can't steal what belongs to me. Can I? I offered it to my bookie for my debt. He turned it down. Said it was too hot. I did not kill my wife. I did not."

Detective Coker realizes that the answer lies in the DNA. There is clearly something wrong with the blood DNA. He is convinced that one of his original male suspects killed Martha.

Thomas Clinton
Dr. Daryl Kelly
Michael Prejean
Dr. Aiden Russo
Sam Waston

So, he obtained a new warrant for DNA, this time he will get DNA from a variety of sources from each suspect. He will get another blood sample, a urine sample, a bucal swab of each suspects cheek, and a sample of each suspects hair.

He is tired of being played for a fool.

Time to get back to the basics: Means, Motive and Opportunity

Let's concentrate on Motive:

Thomas Clinton: The husband, wife wanted a divorce, husband was cheating, so was wife

Dr. Daryl Kelly: Once had an affair with Martha, also has knowledge of the drug Ketamine, used to incapacitate the victim

Michael Prejean: Hmm, he could also have knowledge of Ketamine and the means of obtaining it. What would his motive be? Why does he have a page of the victim's diary? Why has he lied so many times? And what's up with that weird travel diary?

Dr. Aiden Russo: A freak on paper. Maybe too much of a freak. Detective Coker has a nagging feeling that he looks like a freak because the feds want him to and that they may have manufactured his NCIC Rap Sheet. He's probably an undercover cop or perhaps a confidential reliable informant, but Coker isn't gong to stop investigating him

Sam Watson: Access to the gun planted on victim, has a twin brother, so maybe that's how he faked the DNA results. He also fled the country. But, Coker has his toothbrush, hairbrush and other sources of good DNA samples.

It has to come down to the DNA, Coker is convinced. Someone managed to either manufacture the blood DNA or there must be a reasonable explanation for the reason none of the original suspects were a blood DNA match.

Detective Coker travled to Texas and spoke to the man whose DNA was a match and discovered that Brian Sepulvado was a bone marrow donor a few years ago. He doesn't know the name of the recipient, because it was anonymous. He assumes the recipient must have his same blood type or a similar blood type or he would not have been a match from the national blood donor registry. Brian Sepulvado has AB negative blood.  

Sam Watson didn't have a negative blood type, did he?

Today's Clue: Letter Y - Yoke


Day 26 - Letter Z - Zygote

A zygote is a cell formed when two gamete cells are joined by means of sexual reproduction. It is the earliest developmental stage of the embryo

The two cell stage

A person who is born with two sets of DNA called a chimera

Bone Marrow Transplant causes wrongful conviction

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Bad Blood, when a person receives a bone marrow transplant they carry the blood DNA of their donor. To avoid wrongful convictions, DNA must be tested from more than one area, as the blood DNA belongs to the donor. Police must also get a saliva sample.

Real life Alabama case: Bone marrow recipient carries the blood DNA of the bone marrow donor.

So, have you figured out who killed Martha Clinton?

Can you solve the murder of Martha Clinton before I reveal the latest DNA results? 


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Melissa - I've no read through .. and to a point I'm no wiser ...

I don't much like Russo - and he's being protected by the Feds, Necrophilia practitioner .. sounds very odd - and a rare blood type.

Two co-conspiritors ... perhaps ... the twins.

Left-handed the bullet looks like it was shot by a left-handed person -as it went up through the throat and tongue into the skull from the right-hand side. Also the note.

Saul Watson must have lived under his brother's ID ...

I'm still lost as you see ... so I'll revert from Sam to Saul Watson ... as the murderer.

I can't access the other posts for some reason!

Looking forward to hearing who dunnit ... have a good weekend - Hilary

Unknown said...

Can you please post the results of this mystery. I'm dying to find out. Was it the twin?

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