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Letter A - Alibi 2019 #AtoZChallenge

How To Get Away With Murder:

Letter A — Alibi

2019 A to Z Blogging Challenge

What is an alibi? An affirmative defense
Lat. In Criminal law. Elsewhere, in another place. A term used to express that mode of defense to a criminal prosecution, where the party accused, in order to prove that he could not have committed the crime with which he is charged, offers evidence to show that he was in another place at the time; Which is termed setting up an alibi

When the police begin investigating a murder, their fist stop is always the spouse. They have to rule him/her out as the killer before moving onto other possible leads. Often Police get tunnel vision and assume it must be the husband or the wife and don't look much further.They attempt to make the evidence fit their theory instead of working the case.

Next on their list is normally an ex-spouse or ex girlfriend/boyfriend (especially if they discover that one or both were involved in an illicit affair. Then the police move on to other family members who may have had a motive. Who stands to gain the most financially from the vic's death? 

Bottom line … you better have yourself an airtight, believable alibi. And I don’t mean “I was home alone working on my novel. I write my first draft with pen and paper. Nope, didn’t make any phone calls or order any food and I always turn the phones and televisions off so I can concentrate.” 

Not helpful if you uber rich hubby just died and rumor had it he had one foot inside his divorce attorney's office which would have left you with basically goose egg … oh he’d throw in all your fancy Moleskin notebooks and maybe even your laptop that he bought you.

But of course, you’re no dummy. You set up your alibi in advance:
Rule number 1: {But no one ever listens to this rule and it is probably the number one reason people get convicted of murder} Tell no one … Trust no one

  1. You were away attending a seminar related to your work at the time your husband was killed — yes, you actually signed up for it and you’ve been talking about it non stop for months. 
  2. The seminar is in Memphis Tennessee, which is a five hour drive from where you live, but since your office pays the expenses, your secretary booked the trip months ago, she booked your flight, hotel and rental car
  3.  You check in early every morning of the 5 day seminar. You are seen daily by numerous people. You attend most of the classes. You go to most of the functions, happy hours, dinners, stay out late. You make yourself extremely noticeable.
  4.  The one night you turn in early (tired from all the partying), you make sure you order room service, are on your laptop, cell phone and do other various things to confirm and verify you are in your room
  5.  Your room key will show you leaving your room once to get ice at 6:00 and retuning straight away 
  6. You will ask for an extra blanket to be delivered at 8:00 and your room key will show you opening your door to get the blanket. You will use a spoof card to cancel the blanket order, but phone records will not show that you cancelled it, so you open your door to see if someone knocked ... bringing you a blanket — this is your exit strategy
  7. You leave your cell phone in you room. You have pre-recorded yourself playing Xbox and interacting with fake viewers days in advance and now you live stream it
  8. Have your Twitter and IG account set up on your phone to send auto tweets and posts to Instagram and facebook. 
  9. Time to leave the hotel: Pray for rain. Wear oversized clothing. At least 2 or 3 sizes too large for you and stuff them so you appear larger. Wear shoes that make you appear 4 inches taller and 2 sizes larger. Wear a wig. Wear a hoodie. Disguise
    yourself as much as possible. You will have already made a practice run to the hotel so you know where the hotel cameras are and how to avoid them
  10. ** You must avoid all public traffic cams, ATM cams and any other potential cameras
  11. Plan and practice your entry and exit routes well and often in advance so you know exactly how much time is needed.
  12. Have a Plan B and then a fallback Plan C for any unforeseeable fuckups.
  13. As Preplanned walk to the old truck you borrowed from a retired family worker. It’s reliable and runs, but it is pre-GPS, there are no tracking devices on it and no one has ever seen you drive it. It is from the good ole analog days
  14. Drive the five hour trip in 4.5 hours (you won’t get pulled over, going 5 over the speed limit) Do what you came for.
    Allow an extra hour just in case.
  15. Be seated on the second or third row of the 9:00 class the following morning with a big smile. 
Did you Know that companies really do exist for the purpose of Covering your ass and providing pricey but reliable alibis

And check out this one: You can create any kind of Receipt you may need for your alibi at Make Receipts. Just for kicks I tried the gasoline receipt and hot damn if it didn't work.

Enjoy the Challenge. Please remember this information in not intended or offered in any way as legal advice. I am not practicing law. I am certainly not suggesting anyone try to get away with murder. This is for entertainment purposes only for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Melissa - oh gosh what a lot of work ... I think I'll be the happy innocent with a truthful alibi. Yes - I know receipts can be created ... we've huge scams going on over here defrauding the tax man ... Interesting read - thanks for writing it up for us - cheers Hilary

Dani said...

Ha!! This was quote entertaining! I got a good chuckle out of it.

Varadharajan said...

This is just perfect. Loved the presentation as well. Very interesting topic and I'll be sure to check it out through April. Have a very happy AtoZ.

Nicole Pyles said...

Oh this is so wild!! I had no idea these types of companies existed. How shady but fascinating LOL

Susan R. Mills said...

Ah, excellent plan. That’s crazy about the receipt. I reconcile employee reimbursement requests at my day job. I don’t think anyone I work with would do it, but I wonder how many people have turned in bogus receipts for reimbursement.

Arlee Bird said...

Good to have you back again. If I ever get away with a crime then I can thank you. That receipt generator is an interesting idea. Probably could be used for other nefarious things besides alibis--turning them in to a company for expense reimbursement?

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

J Lenni Dorner said...

Well, this is going to be a fun month! I love the topic.
J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

TWW said...

well I'll be an monkey's auntie, this is awesome, I am book marking this and if your month at these is a success, gather them and put them in an E-book, send me the damn link and I'll do my best to buy it...dead...ahem...very, yes that's it...very handy :P

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