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How To Get Away With Murder: 

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The police can think you've committed a crime ... hell they can flat out know you did it, but unless the prosecutor can prove the case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt to a jury with admissible evidence, the person gets a away with it.

Here are a few murders/violent crimes that were solved because the bad guy was sloppy and left evidence behind.

From my home state of Louisiana, the Lafayette Police department was investigating a string of aggravated rapes during the 1980's when an anonymous tip led them to one of their own, Randall Comeaux. DNA from the cigarette butts he left at the crime scene matched DNA from the semen and both were a match to Detective Comeaux.

25 years after brutally murdering Jeanie Childs genealogy test led police to a normal looking hockey dad. They trailed him to a hockey game and watched him eat a hot dog.
They collected his discarded napkin which turned out to be a perfect match to a plethora of DNA left at the bloody crime scene over two decades earlier. They now had their killer. All from a dirty hot dog napkin.
In 1984, Eight year old Vicki Hoskinson disappeared while mailing a birthday card to her aunt. It was the first time her mom allowed her to ride her bicycle alone. A witness reported seeing a suspicious looking man in a car and the witness memorized the license plate. The plate traced to a man name Frank Jarvis Atwood. A background check showed that Atwood had a history of kidnapping and child sexual molestation. Police went to his home, but discovered he was in Texas. When they finally caught up with him, he admitted being in area of the little girl's disappearance but denied the kidnapping. 

The police had little evidence to go on. Accident reconstruction experts were able to match the pink paint color on the front bumper of Atwood's car to the exact color pink of Vicki's bike and traced damage to one of the car's gravel pan to one of the bike's pedals.

Atwood was tried and convicted of kidnapping. Sadly, Vicki's decomposed body was discovered less than a year later.

What's the strangest piece of evidence you've heard of in a criminal case?

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