How To Handle Obstacles & Major Setbacks

How Do You Handle Major Setbacks

You can see from my previous post that I failed to complete this years A to Z Blogging Challenge.

I won't bore you with the details, but I have a redemption plan and I'm working my way back to some resemblance of my former self. 

Have any of you ever wanted something so badly that it occupied you every waking moment? Duh ... of course you have, many, if not most of you are writers. You're well acquainted with the feeling of rejection. My latest sense of failure, while not exactly related to writing, hurts just as much and has knocked me down with a jolted impact I didn't expect. I've worked several years toward something that I can't go into right now, but I intend to write about it as that's the outlet I know. 

I've experienced an unusual share of disappointments, tragedies, and let downs, but I never let go of my goal. I never gave up because I knew I was doing the right thing and working the plan toward the goal. Then wham, I felt the wind knocked out of me. A hockey stick sliced into my kneecaps as I sprinted toward the finish line. My arms pumping ... my heart racing even faster than I could run, I hurled my leg into the air about to finally cross the finish line I've been eyeing for years, but someone ... something whacks me and I tumble face first to the ground. The skin ripped from my face as my body drags across the asphalt. There will be no finish line for me. Not this time.

How do I pick myself up and begin again. How do we, any of us start over, with seemingly all obstacles stacked against us? It's difficult enough when you or your protagonist is your own worst enemy, but when someone yielding all the power over you, is dead set on holding you back, refuses to believe you, refuses to ever give you any benefit of any doubt, seems to have an enormous personal dislike and mission to stop you, what do you do?

How do you handle obstacles and major setbacks?

That's the question I pose to writers and bloggers: How do you handle major setbacks? Obstacles? How do you handle the real life antagonists?


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  2. I hope you're still writing. I know it has been a few months since your last post. But I hope you didn't give up on yourself.

  3. I was scrolling through blogs I follow and came across yours and read this post. Sometimes life hits us so hard and it really isn't easy. Sometimes this means we have to take a step back from things and reflect and recover and heal. I hope you are doing okay.

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