Letter D - Minimize Your Risk Of Becoming a Date Rate Victim

Letter D - Date Rape Drugs

During Casey Anthony's Trial Trial we discussed how difficult it is for the government to prove a case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Remember? And that case had witnesses & evidence. The jury had to choose whether or not they believed Casey's mom was really the person looking up chloroform on the computer even after the prosecutor presented evidence that grandma's work time card showed she was at work at the time of the chloroform search.

But hey -- how do you prove someone raped you when there's NO evidence?


The victim has no real memory of the crime occurring?

Are Date Rape Drugs Still used on unsuspecting Victims? Absolutely. On College Campuses. Frat Parties, Raves, Nightclubs, home parties, bars.  Anywhere you find male and females mingling combined with alcoholic beverages you run the risk of someone slipping a "Mickey" into someone else's drink.

Date Rape Drugs You Might Know:

The three main date rape drugs most of us are familiar with: 

1. Rohypnol (roofies, date rape drug, Mexican Valium, R2) is a strong benzodiazepine (10 X stronger than Valium) prescribed in many countries (not legal in the United States) for severe insomnia and is used during the pre-op period of certain medical procedures requiring anesthesia. The effects begin about 15- 30 minutes after injection and last four to eight hours. This heinous crime is exacerbated because the drug is an amnesic. 

Manufactures of Rohypnol have instituted a recent change to the pill. The previous white tablet, without color or taste made it a weapon of choice for opprobrious rapist. It's now available as a caplet that when dissolved in a clear drink will turn the liquid a blue color

2. Gamma Hydroxybutyrate "GHB" (Cherry Meth, Everclear, G, Griffic, Candy Raver, Fantasy, Georgia Home Boy, Goop, Liquid E, Liquid X) Can be used in liquid or powder form and causes enhanced libido, euphoria, and disinhibition.

3.  Ketamine (Special K, K, Cat Valium, Green)  Ketamine is a "Dissociative Anesthetic." It can be used in either powder or liquid form for humans or animals. In addition to snorting, it can be added to cigarettes or sprinkled on top of marijuana making it a choice date rape drug. 

If the victim is drugged with Ketamine she/he is highly unlikely to realize they've been drugged until after the crime. Ketamine is an anesthetic so the victim will not feel drunk. It is like being placed under anesthesia for surgery ... sole purpose for the patient not to experience any pain or discomfort and hopefully not remember experiencing anything unpleasant. It's unlikely a person drugged with ketamine can move on their own. A dissociative drug makes a person feel disassociated from their surroundings and self.

Date Drugs Your Might Not Know:

Some date drugs now as common as the top three listed above:

Ambien -- A sleeping pill 
Alprazolam -- Another benzodiazepine 
lesser known benzodiazepines, like temazapam or midazolam (versed) -- used in hospitals pre-op

How Can You Protect Yourself?

The Buddy System  -- one of the oldest yet still most effective ways to stay safe. Go out in pairs. Always have someone watch your back, while you watch theirs. Your friend can eyeball your beverage if you must leave it unattended. Of course your friend must be someone your trust 100%

Never leave your drink (even a non alcoholic beverage) unattended in a public place -- even a party where you know the host, but couldn't possibly know all 150 guest.

Don't hand your drink to someone in the ladies room while you enter the stall

Keep your hand over the top of your drink

If you notice that your drink appears to have changed colors, looks cloudy, darker, don't chance it. toss it and get a new drink. I don't care if you're drinking a $25 Cosmo, you're worth it! Never risk it.

Don't let strangers buy you a beverage unless it comes in a can or you personally witness the drink being made, mixed or poured.

Many merchants, like Amazon now make testing strips and other devices so you can easily, quickly, and discreetly test for substances like GHB, Ketamine and Rohypnol. Have peace of mind. Know if someone tampered with your drink. Click on the photo of the book on your left and it will take you the a website that sells Date Rape Drug Detectors.

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This post is for entertainment purposes only for the A to Z Challenge. It does not contain any legal or medical advice.



  1. Wow! I had no idea Ambien was used as a date rape drug, but it makes perfect sense. Except, I know people (me, as one) for whom Ambien does not work like that. I mean, Ambien is kind of like Benadryl for me, and I still don't go into a sound sleep. But the other stuff is just freaking scary...

  2. Sorry ... visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge ... https://londonclarkedotcom.wordpress.com/blog/

  3. i dont undertsand how these rapist gets their hands on such drugs. Its so unsafe for everyone around

    Tongue Twister for F

  4. The date rape drugs have passed me by. In my 80s - not much chance of ever encountering them now.

  5. Hi Melissa - I did get drugged once at a party in Johannesburg in the early 80s ... Thankfully nothing happened - just felt awful the next day ... not a good vibe though. Today - so difficult for parents and mutual friends keeping an eye out for wayward youngsters trying things. Interesting information - cheers Hilary

  6. Wow, interesting. I have heard of some - mainly through shows I like to watch: ER, CSI, Suits,...

    Visiting via Pamela @ TheWrightDaysofFun.



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