A to Z Blogging - Internet Connection Delay

Ugh - Another Problem 

Sorry everyone! I finally catch up and a serious car accident yesterday (Car struck a telephone pole (I thought it was the weather) knocked our Internet Service out for most of the evening, all night and it’s still not back on. No electricity either. I’m told we should have it back up by tonight . So I’ll post more letters tonight  and announce the mini mystery amazon gift card winner. I’m posting this short update from my phone. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding . Hope you’re all enjoying the challenge. 

There’s still not a definitive winner for the letter I $25 Amazon Gift Card mini mystery challenge. There’s one person who may take the prize sort of by default, but hey it’s an easy win. Try it out before my next letters got up this evening or tonight. 


  1. The same thing happened at my work a couple of weeks ago! Someone hit the pole and knocked it all out. Crazy! I hope it gets up and running soon!
    Once Upon a Time

  2. Oh Melissa - this does seem to be a bit of an unfortunate time ... I hope it'll all be up and running for you soon ... take care and relax - cheers Hilary


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