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Spoof Card Throws Investigators off Killer's Trail

Letter S - Spoof Card:

If you are looking for my Letter R - Robbery post, that disappeared from my blog, you can find it here. I had to repost it, so it is no longer in the correct order. Sorry, sleuths. 
Holy Spoof -a -rama! This shit can't be legal, can it?
As long as you agree to use your Spoof Card for pranks and not for any illegal purpose, then I guess you are on the honor system. Ha!

What can you do with a spoof card and how does it work?

1. Dial the number you are given and enter the PIN you are given
2. Follow the prompts
3. You will first be asked to type in the number you wish to call
4. Next, you will be asked to type in the number you wish to display on caller ID

Yes, you heard me. You can have any number you want appear as the caller ID number, when you call someone.

Let's see how someone might abuse this:

You want to see if you boyfriend still takes calls from his ex, so you type in her number as the caller ID number

You want to scare the living crap out of someone so you type in the number of an HIV clinic or Planned Parenthood clinic as the caller ID

I know lawyers (not admitting to anything, not a single thing) and private investigators who type in the number of a local hospital when they are trying to track down a witness or someone who is dodging a subpoena. I've known investigators and police officers who have typed in the number of bank and then they tell the person who answers the phone that they are trying to reach Kathy Smith or Jimmy Mark (the target of their investigation)and claim that the end of year accounting shows she/he has an account with nearly $500 in it. Mark my word, the Kathy or Jimmy, who previously didn't live there, will immediately get on the phone.

Back to number 4, you type in the number that you wish to display on caller ID - this is the number that shows up on the receiver's end as the number calling them

5. The prompt will then ask you if you want to disguise your voice
6. If you want to disguise your voice you will be prompted to choose a male or female disguise.
7. You will then be asked if you want to record the call

That's it. Your call is then placed. 

Now for the purposes of phone records, your actual number - the number you dialed from, will not show up on the receiver's cell phone or land line bill as an incoming call. This can really throw investigators off when they are searching cell phone records to try and pinpoint who made a certain call to whom and when. The number that shows up on the receiver's phone bill as the incoming call is the number you entered as your Spoof Caller ID Number.

You think many criminals are using the spoof card when they commit crimes? Duh!

Crime Fiction Murder Mystery:

Do you remember back in week one of the challenge, when our lead investigator obtained cell phone records for the cell phone belonging to the victim, Martha Clinton? He thought he caught an early break and that the case would be a cinch to solve. I mean there it was in black and white. 

Threatening messages on the victim's cell phone from her husband, Thomas Clinton. Thomas, of course denied sending the threatening messages, but Detective Coker didn't believe a word he said. Coker surmised that the evidence doesn't lie. Well, Thomas kept insisting he didn't send a threatening message and his lawyer got involved and the next thing you know the cops and the IT department and the digital forensic experts began combing through all mobile devices belonging to both Thomas and Martha Clinton. I'll be damned, if it doesn't look like the husband was telling the truth, about this issue, anyway.

Weeks have passed and the IT department and even the well trained and educated digital forensic experts have been putting in loads of overtime trying to solve this mystery. They finally sent the phones and the records off to the FBI lab in Quantico, but no one has been able to solve this mystery. 

That is until ... Special Agent Joseph Marone's teenage daughter visited him in the lab. For the sixteen year old girl it was a no brainier and it took her all of five minutes to conclude that someone must be using a spoof card.

Where do they go from here? How many of you suspected something like a spoof card? Ever heard of a spoof card? Do you think they should be legal or illegal?

Wait until you read my next few post and learn some of the other more intrusive tricks a person can play on you with a spoof card. You might change your mind.

The DNA results are expected back tomorrow. We should be able to start narrowing down the suspect pool.

For a complete and update list of facts, witnesses, evidence and clues in the Crime Fiction Murder Mystery just click on the Legal Fiction Page of my blog.

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Today's Clue - Letter S - Semen

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