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I'm Hearing Voices

I'm Hearing Voices!  Character Blogfest

My Apologies. I wrote this post on Sunday night because I knew I would be away from my computer all day Monday & Tuesday~~ I scheduled this to post to my blog on Monday 2/6/12 @ 6:00 am. I just discovered that it did not post.

I’m Hearing Voices

Click on the picture above and it will direct you to the official site for this blogfest.

Today is the first day of the blogfest hosted by Cassie Mae over at Reading Writing and Lovin it and Angie  over at Live To Write...Edit When Necessary.

The blogfest is designed to help us flex our character writing muscles through three separate blog post. The first is today, the second will be on Wednesday, and the final post will appear on Friday, February 10th. Please check back on Wednesday & Friday for the subsequent post.

Today's Topic ~  Character on the couch day.
I have a series of questions to ask a character that I am have a particularly hard time writing. She is a potential antagonist/villain for a story and her name is Leigh Ann Dixon.

What is your biggest vulnerability, Leigh Ann? Do others know this or is it a secret?

LAD:  This is all confidential, right? You are not allowed to ever share what I say to you to    anyone? Okay, then. I have a hard time keeping a man interested in me. They start off strong, but they always back off quickly.  I am sensitive to rejection. I don't tell people this, but men must have a way of sniffing it out because they use my vulnerability to hurt me.

What do people believe about you that is false?

LAD: That I am an extremely jealous and suspicious woman

What would your best friend say is your fatal flaw and why?

LAD: I don't have a best friend. Woman are backstabbers and cannot be trusted.

What would that same friend say is your one redeeming quality? Why? 

LAD: Even my former so-called best friend would say that I am pretty & intelligent and I know 
           how to get what I want

What do you want most and what will you do to get it?

LAD: I want my family back the way it was before my ex-husband fell for that tramp and I will do 
          anything & I do mean anything  to get it. I will get my husband back for my daughter if I 
          to kill the slut to make it happen

Thank you Leigh Ann, for sharing that. 

Now hop over to the other blogs to hear the voices inside their character's heads


Melissa Sugar said...

Hello, hopping over from teh campaign. I also did this one and have to say, heck yeah, go antags! ;D

Melissa Sugar said...

Wow-y, sounds like a crazed woman in a lot of pain.  I feel for her already :(

Melissa Sugar said...

I think Leigh Ann's next session in therapy should be for anger management. Ha! She's killer (get it?).

Melissa Sugar said...

Ouch! There's a woman with a lot of hurt and pain inside her.

Melissa Sugar said...

Leigh Ann is one determined lady. I wouldn't get in her way! Awesome voice :) Loved it!

Melissa Sugar said...

Great interview - and I love the shrink picture at the top to set the scene!

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