Blogging 101. Your Readers Cannot Find You

Who am I to offer blogging tips?

I am just a newbie blogger and the last person you would expect to offer blogging advice. When I am not searching the internet for writing tips I am looking for advice on how to be a better blogger.

I feel like I am going crazy. I am excited to have  new followers & friends. I visited as many new blogs as I could during the pay it forward blogfest & in return many bloggers visited me. With the adrenaline pumping through my veins each time I gained a new follower or when someone new left a comment on my blog, I vowed to be a good blogger buddy and return the kindness. I was on a mission to reply to comments, visit the blogs of my new friends, read their content & leave a comment.

It started out okay. I knew that I could not possibly visit all 75 of my new friends in one day, but I would eventually visit each and every one. Then I clicked on the name of a commenter or the photo of a follower which lead me to their profile page and that is where the story ends.

 Not really, but I landed on a profile page without a link to a blog. Okay, no biggie, perhaps this new follower doesn't have a blog. I am on to the next. When the next three out of five attempts ended the same way I assumed I must be doing something wrong. 

So I backtracked to the bloggers I always follow to make sure I wasn't missing anything. There it was front and center on their profile page, a link to their blog. I began again. After I visited two more blogs I stumbled upon the mystery profile page again. I am pulling my hair and banging my hands on the already warped keys of my computer.

I would not be writing this if it happened only a few times, but I am so frustrated. I want to be a good and loyal blogger friend. I want to read your blog. If you visited me and befriended me and or left a comment for me, I want to read your blog. Maybe you don't want me to, but I sort of thought the idea was quid pro quo. Even if not quid pro quo, I want to at least have the option of viewing your blog. 

Hey, if you have all the friends & followers that you need and you are not concerned with whether or not someone can locate you, then this does not apply. If you are like me & you welcome new friends and there is even a remote chance that your blog is not easily accessible then I hope you will take steps to make it easier to follow. 

I keep worrying that many of the people who were kind enough to pay a visit to my blog are thinking, "hmm what a blogger bratty bitch she is" she didn't even bother to check out my blog."

I even googled some of you, others I just could not find. I want to find you. Please make it easier. Please link your blog to your blogger profile.

I am not the one to give advice, but I was going to try. I am truly saying this because I want to help, (and I am a little frustrated) but mostly because I think you want to know if your blog is hard to find and I bet you want to know how to fix that. Someone left a comment for me not long ago that pointed out I had more than one blog listed and that they had to search to find the correct blog. Was I embarrassed? A little, but I was even more grateful and I immediately deleted the other test blogs.

Since I am not the best person to give blogging advice, I searched until I found someone who could explain it in easy to understand terms.

Laura Barnes is a marketing consultant who critiques blogs & offers her professional advice on how to make your blog the best it can be for your intended purpose. She has an entire page devoted to blogging advice and if you are unsure about any blogging topic, she can offer useful and supportive information.

 Laura B Writer has an entire section of her blog FAMP, (from a marketing perspective) that will answer any questions you may have.

Please visit her FAMP (From a Marketing Perspective) post on linking up. Laura provides easy to follow steps to ensure that your blog is linked to your blogger profile.

Because , I really do want to visit your blog, but if I cannot find it then we both lose. 


  1. Like you, I tried to visit everyone who followed me, or commented on my blog, and I, too, hit the "curse of the missing website link". So, thanks for posting this, and thanks for the links re: marketing. I can always do with more advice on blogging :).

  2. Thanks for visiting. I hate to say that I am glad I am not the only one who encountered this, but hopefully if more of us bring it to the attention of others, it will be remedied

  3. I've had that problem so many times. I've got to the point now where if that link isn't available, I just shrug and move on, but it really is gutting not to be able to pay my respects at each place. I'll be keeping an eye on the comments here to see if there are any who know whether these missing links can be found somewhere less visible on their profiles!
    And I found Laura B yesterday - great blog...
    PS... sometimes newbie bloggers give the best advice because they haven't got into any habits yet!

  4. I know I have too hit that blank page. I move on. I'm still working through the list, lol.

  5. You know, after two years, I still have people I can't link to either. Some people just don't want to be found.

    What I do is wait until I see them comment on someone else's blog, and then click on their name. Sometimes that takes me directly to their blogger profile page where their link is.

  6. I have the same problems during bloghops. People follow me and I want to return the favour but I can't because clicking the little icon thingie doesn't lead to profile or blog. Sometimes I've googled names and come up lucky. Other times, it's way after that I can follow after hopping from place to place.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I think a lot of times blog hoppers might be new and not know how to do it, but Laura Barnes is excellent in getting people clued in. Thanks for posting this:) Look at you, a newbie helping others awesome!

  8. Excellent point Melissa. Not being able to find someone's blog is frustrating.

    I would also add that bloggers should include a "reply to" email so that we can speak directly to the visitor. If the person asks a question or makes a comment I: a) want to make sure the person sees my response (can let them know); and/or b) may not want my response to be public--instead with an email I can direct it to the visitor.

    Adding an email (one can create a free one just for blogging) will also be benefical.

  9. Like you, I am learning blogging. Having fun and finding ways to connect with people. It is a lot more work than expected, Yet I am learning what is rewarding for me and what is not. For me, the creative exercises is the are the most fun and I get a lot from reading other blogs too! I am learning to limit the blogs I read daily, or else I wouldn't be able to get anything done. ;D

  10. I'm just wondering, and I don't know the answer so maybe someone smarter can tell me, if the people with no links are those who have made a blogger profile to comment but actually have wordpress blogs or something similar, which I assume wouldn't link on a blogger profile.

    If I can't find a link on a profile or by googling, I leave it there. As for new commentators, I just click on their names and hope it's linked to a blog :-)

  11. This is totally one of my pet peeves!!
    It's SO frustrating. AND sometimes even when we THINK our google profile comes up okay, we still need to check from someone else's blog after leaving a comment JUST to make sure . . .

  12. I'm pretty new at blogging too, and it just seems like so much to try and keep up to date on every single blog I've followed lately, so I try and look at a few every day at least! Your blog is so cute, btw! Thanks for sharing those links on blogging helps!

  13. Hi Melissa,

    I previously signed up as a follower, but somehow was not listed on your page. I've redone the process and now it worked. Sometimes strange things happen in blog world.

  14. I just assumed that the person following me didn't have a blog. It's possible. It took me at least 6 months after reading blogs to even create an account - which eventually led to my own blog. But I didn't have to start one.

    I figure I have readers, not bloggers, following me. I'm okay with that!

  15. Good point, Melissa. I too, have had difficulty finding blogs. I try, but if I cannot find it in a reasonable time, I let it go. There are only so many hours in a day (and my husband is a fan of having dinner on a regular basis:). I hate to not stop to see someone who has come by my blog, but can only do so much.

    It's great to meet you. Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog!

    Have a great weekend,

  16. Thanks for the tips - I need all the help I can get. I'm gonna head over there right now.

    And thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. As Anne suggested, perhaps these people don't want to be found. They're having their own little private members-only blog party and don't want outsiders gate-crashing. If that's the case, then not much you can do. You've done "due diligence" so move on.

    If you go looking for my blog and can't find it, then please find a way to let me know. I write my blog partly for my own benefit as a writer (good practice), but also because I want to share thoughts, stories, etc. with other people who might be interested.

    Thanks for airing your frustration, Melissa! :)

  18. Fill out those profiles! Yes. That helps everyone. OR subscribe to blogs you really want to be a part of.

    Great post!

    And I'll echo Colin just above my comment. I want your visit and I want to make it as easy as possible. If I'm missing something give me a shout. I'll fix it.

  19. I think we both won because you found me, and now I have found you. Nice!

  20. Ditto! It is so frustrating to have new followers and not be able to locate their blog and follow them back. I wholeheartedly agree!

  21. I'm not the best blogger in the world. I do try to follow everyone who follows me. But sometimes it's harder than other times. I love your blog. It's adorable.

  22. @Laura . I am glad you checked out Laura B's blog and enjoyed it. She has some really good stuff. It seems that I am not the only person having this problem. Thank you

  23. @ Donna Shields
    @ Anne Gallagher
    @ J. L. Campbell
    @ Deana
    @ Slamdunk
    @ WillyBCool

    Thanks to all of you for visiting. It appears that many of us have experienced this frustration . It helps to know that at some point others just move on to the next blogging friend. I felt guilty for not trying harder to find them, but at some point I had to just move on

    I appreciate you stopping by to read and share your input

  24. @ Sarah Pearson. You have posed a good question. I wonder if someone out there can offer some insight. Does anyone know ? If any of you use Wordpress or other platforms (other than blogger) and you create a blogger profile so you can comment on blogger blogs, can you link your Wordpress blog title to you blogger profile?

    Thank you Sarah. I am going to ask around and talk to Wordpress users. This may be the reason I am reaching so many empty profile pages

  25. @ Jolene Perry. I agree, it is one of my pet peeves as well. You offer sound advice. We should all check our blogger profile pages by clicking on from someone else's blog. We don't see our own profile the same as it it appears to viewers. This ensures that people are viewing our profile the way we intend them to. I am going to check on mine now. Thank you for sharing this useful tidbit . I bet some of us have no idea that something may be amiss on our profile page.

  26. Thank you Cortney for visiting. I know how hard it is to keep up with everyone. That is why I get so frustrated when I try to visit and cannot find their blog.

    Thank you Judie for visiting, happy to have you here.

    Thank you Heaven for stopping by and reading my blog

  27. @ Ellis Shuman. I am so glad that you noticed that you were not listed and made the effort to go through the signing up to follow process again. I appreciate it and I am sorry for the inconvenience . I am happy to have you here and look forward to getting to know you better

  28. Laura's got some great ideas that I'm going to incorporate in my blog. I need to add pages instead of having everything on my side bar and i have to organize my time better so I can get to more blog friends. I feel like I fail you all when I run out of time during the day and can't comment or reply. Thanks for sharing this. ;)

  29. Thank you, thank you, Melissa for giving me a shout out! How sweet of you :) And I truly do need to repost that, at your lovely advice. I have most of my posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks, but I think I can squeeze it in...Anyway, thanks and good post!

  30. Thank you Stacy, you make a good point. I never thought of thta. it is very possible that they fo not have a blog

  31. Thank you CleeMacKenzie, i'm erin, E.R. King, Jennifer, Colin,and everyone who left comments with suggestions on this subject. Welcome new followers. I appreciate your input & kind words

  32. @ Melssa Bradley. Thank you for visiting. I think it is a good idea to incorporate someof Laura's blog ideas as well. I am going to do so also. Her blog is easy to navigate and becoming more organized will allow us more time to read blogs and comment on what we read.

  33. @ Laura Barnes. I am glad you stopped by. As you can see from the comments your blog is quite the role model for us. You have some great ideas for bloggers. Thank you for all of your blogging tips. I had a feeling you planned your post in advance. You are so organized. I aspire to it, I am working on it. When you get a chance, I think we will all benefit from the re-posting. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful advice and for visiting my blog

  34. Hey sweetie,
    Hope you are well. You are very welcome, glad you like the award, I thought you deserved it as your blog is awesome and my fav colour (pink) lol. :). Hope your sons sleepover goes well honey. :)
    Thank you yes I am gonna stick around thanks to alot of encouragement from fellow bloggers like your good self.
    Hugs eve.x

  35. I used to get really frustrated when I couldn't visit bloggers who had visited me, too - but now I'm just too busy with the ones I CAN visit to worry too much.

    Still, this is good advice for all bloggers out there - make sure your blog is reachable via your blogger profile!

  36. This is such an important point. It is so important to make it easy for people to find our blogs or because of just the sheer number of blogs ours will be lost.

  37. Welcome to the frustration! Those whose profile isn't linked to a blog can fix it by going to their Google account. If not, they are just a little icon in our Google Friends Connect box, one we can never follow. Frustrates me because I do follow everyone who follows me, but without a link, I cna't. And then I feel bad...

  38. Thanks for pointing this out! I want to see and follow all who follow me, but in some cases I can't even find an email address. Great post!

  39. Thanks Alex. You mentioned in an earlier comment that you did not realize that you were following me. I believe you were & for some reason when I made changes, a few names did not transfer. I am just glad that you noticed it and that we reconnected.

  40. I know. That has happened to me as well & it is so frustrating

  41. I agree, Josh. I have started checking my blogger profile while I am on other blogs just to make sure everything looks as it should when people click on my name or photo. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Hey Melissa! I have an award for you so please stop by my blog to pick it up.

  43. Hey! I'm follower 100. Sweet!

    I've had this same problem, too. I'm not sure why some blogs are accessible and others aren't. I know I haven't messed with my blogging settings so I hope mine is, but just to make it easier, I'll throw the url in the comments because I LOVE visitors and getting to know new people. :)

    It's nice to meet you!

  44. One thing about blogging I enjoy, it gets me in the writing mood. I do a little post, and VOOT! I'm ready to work on my books =)

    Possible cure for writer's block? Hmmm....

  45. Melissa, I found your blog through Twitter and it seems you're doing okay with 45 comments just on this post. The primary purpose of blogging is to create visibility, to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and to draw traffic to your site.

    Researching sites and marketers is a good way to learn the ropes - so you're definitely on the right track.

    I'm following your site and here's my link if you'd like to follow back:

    Karen Cioffi
    Writing and Marketing


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