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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z - Zodiac Killer: Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?

Z - Zodiac Killer

Not Likely

Is it because he is a bigoted Zealot?

And now for a little humor. Most of you know that I am most certainly not a Ted Cruz fan. In fact I referred to him as Satan a long time ago ... long before his now famous nickname the former Speaker of the House donned him, Lucifer in the flesh. But even I haven't joined the ranks of those accusing him of this: Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.

Cruz does scare me. Why? Because he's  brilliant. The man is a incredibly intelligent and when you combine those kind of brains with an evil mind and someone who can spin a tale and lie so convincingly ... well ... it's just plain scary to me. Please don't jump on me if you're a Cruz supporter or a card carrying Hilary supporter or a Trumping to the finish line Trump supporter. Let's remain blogger buds and feel free to share our political ideas and reasons why we do or do not support a particular candidate here. I already read one Twitter bio that said something like you can mark me off your friend list if you support Donald Trump for president. I was appalled. I thought we were all free to choose candidates and remain friends, but I guess that's why they say you should never discuss religion or politics among friends. What's your take on the subject?

I guess I should have posted this before the White House Correspondence Dinner because it appears the Cruz/Zodiac killer line has been killed, it was so overused tonight. But, as we are at the end of the challenge, I'm far too tired to come up with something else to write about.

Happy May to all of you! I will visit many of your blogs in May. I neglected many other obligations when the challenge first began, then I had to work to catch up with life, family and those obligations and I've fallen behind in comments and reading blogs. I hope to spend some time in May visiting the bloggers I met and getting back in touch with those I skipped over while visiting newer ones. It was a great and challenging month.

This was my third year participating in the challenge and I have to say it was by far my favorite year. This was the best A to Z blogging challenge ever. I can't even count the number of blogs I became nearly addicted to. It was almost impossible to keep up with the blogs I love to read on a regular basis, plus the blogs I discovered this year while still trying to work my way through the list, but I did my best. The content and themes were fabulous, well planned and a pleasure to read.

Once again, a great big thank you to Arlee Bird and all of the co- hosts for another fantastic A to Z challenge.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Y - Yandere Can be Your Fictional Character's Fatal Flaw

Y - Yandere: A Yandere is a Character Who is Obsessively Crazy About Someone Else

Many times literally and violently. The victim of their rage is most often the person they perceive as the rival for their lover's affection. 

The Yandere  is one of the lesser known of the Jealous/envious characters and they don't always get as much screen attention. The are known or identified by their crazy, but often beautiful eyes.

Their beautiful or cute and harmless surface appearance allows them to deceive others, but only for a while because the yandere will always go off the deep end ... it's only a matter of time. On the surface she appears in control of her life and relationship, but she's obsessive, scheming, and sometimes she's just plain old insane. Constant scheming is time consuming and it's also emotionally draining. The yandere's mind spins out of control.

Get out of a relationship if you are in one with a yandere. Most characters are female, but male examples do exists according to TV Tropes.

Yandere possesses theses character traits:

Psychotic behavior
Will kill people who get in his/her way (hence the term go Axe Crazy)
Most Yanderes have a history of mental instability
Many are the product of a "Dark and troubled past."

Compare with Tropes:

Clingy Jealousy Girlfriend
Love Make You Evil
Stalker With A Crush
Violently Protective Girlfriend
If I can't Have You
Psycho Supporter
Psychotic Love Triangle

Only one more day. Have you made lots of new friends and connections. How many blogs did you visit during the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge

Thursday, April 28, 2016

When Insurance Greed Leads To Murder

Insuring Your Ex-Spouse is Legal: 

Ex Spouses Bitter Divorce Murder & Life Insurance:

Did you know that it’s perfectly legal to take out life insurance on your ex-spouse … after the divorce? Yep. Not only is it legal, it’s smart. If you’re the custodial parent, depending on child support payments and/or spousal support payments, it’s a financially smart idea to insure those payments should, god forbid, something happen to your ex. What would happen to you then? How would you support your children? The law favors an ex-spouse taking out life insurance on ex-spouses and some states even require the couple maintain the ex-spouse as the beneficiary of any existing policy. 

Don’t dash off to your laptops just yet. I can see brains spinning with all sorts of twisted plot ideas. You can’t bolt to the nearest insurance company and take out an insurance policy on the local homeless men sprinkled throughout your city … then collect when they drink themselves to death or fall off are shoved off the curb into an oncoming metro train. Nope. Sorry, crime writers. Turns out, you must have an “insurable interest,” in the person you will be taking the life insurance policy out for. Damn! That means I can’t take life insurance out on Donald Trump, Gwyneth Paltrow. 

While the following shocking, murder for life insurance plots will knot your stomach into balls of terror some of the cases, like the one where the father who killed his wife and son (crushed his son by dropping truck on him), all for the insurance money, shot that ball of terror into my throat threatening to choke the life out of me.  As you might have guessed, Murder for life insurance scams is not legal. Click the link above to read more like: A most bitter divorce and Soldier charged in death of wife for insurance money. For some couples death is easier than divorce. Until they get caught. And they always get caught.

Don't they realize that the first thing the investigating officer looks at is who benefits from the victim's death. And guess where they start? Yup, you guessed it. The life insurance polices. You'd be amazed how many of these dimwits take out the life insurance policies or double or triple the benefits just weeks or months prior to the murder. 

How would you feel if you discovered your ex spouse took out a life insurance policy on your life? Worried? Cautious? Or would you feel like it was a perfectly normal act considering you have children together who would need financial assistance if you died?

I want to share another blog that Ive discovered during the A to Z challenge. Shelia M. Good, Author, is a blogger over at Cow Pasture Chronicles. I've enjoyed her blog throughout this challenge. She's blogged about everything from social media to writing to building an audience. Her blog posts are succinct and informative and I highly recommend that everyone take a look when you get a chance. This girl knows her stuff. Her site has a plethora of other resources, so stop and take a look around. 

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